Why Ether Could Be The Cryptocurrency Of 2018. Everything You Wanted To Know About Ether And Ethereum


With all the hype around Bitcoin in the last few weeks, it is important to remember that Ether may yet become the crytpocurrency of 2018 to watch. Here are some recent stories that help to explain more about Ether and the Ethereum platform it is built on, and why it holds such great potential to do really well in 2018.

Ethereum Co-founder Buterin Makes Bloomberg’s Most Influential List

Ethereum V Bitcoin: The Pros And Cons Of These Two Cryptorivals

Why Is Ethereum Rising In Value?

Ethereum Could Become More Powerful Than Bitcoin

Ethereum This Week: Cryptokitties Phenomenon, Is Bitconnect A Ponzi Scheme? And More

Why Is It Better To Invest In Ethereum Than Other Cryptocurrencies?

First Exchange Traded Product For Ethereum, Coinshares Launches Ether Tracking, Exchange Traded Notes On Stockholm Nasdaq

World’s 1st Ethereum Funded Movie With Irish Director Premieres In Hollywood

CryptoKitties Clog Up Ethereum Network

$150K Of Grants For Ethereum Developers — The IExec ÐApp Challenge

What Is A Decentralized (dAPP) Application, And How It Enables Ethereum To Build Smart Contracts

Teenager Turns Bar Mitzvah Money Into Huge Profit With Bitcoin And Ethereum

How Can I Use Ethereum? A Brief User’s Guide.

The Rise Of Ethereum, Bitcoin And Other Breaking Crypto Stories, Cryptocoin News Weekly Roundup

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