The Importance Of Post-ICO Marketing


The token sale is over, your ICO has reached its hard cap. Time to kick back and relax?  Far from it. If anything, the hard work has only just begun.

Here is a practical guide on how to keep investors happy and position your project for success using post-ICO marketing.

The importance of communication

Communicating about the project is critical to keep investors and partners engaged. Keeping the project interesting will also attract new investors and increase the token value.

  • Updates: Post-ICO projects should maintain a blog (it’s time to move away from Medium to your own site) that is updated regularly with details of any project-related news. Newsworthy items include partnerships, technical progress, team expansion among others. This information can also be circulated via email newsletter, video, and social media.
  • PR: The formal press is another avenue to expand interest in a project beyond the initial core investors. Articles in traditional media outlets help promote the project beyond the crypto community and raise awareness.
  • Chatrooms: Telegram is the most often used chat platform for ICO projects. While maintaining a Telegram room can be a challenge, it is a great way for the team to interact directly with investors and provide answers to questions.

Post-ICO token pricing

Maintaining the token price post-ICO is extremely important. It’s important for investors who want to see price appreciation, but also for the team who will want to cash out their own tokens at some point.

  • Exchange Listing: While most tokens are tradeable immediately on decentralized exchanges, it is still critical that projects invest time and money to get listed on larger exchanges. Listing on a reputable exchange ensures liquidity for a token and generates additional interest in the project.
  • Market Making: The hard truth is that as soon as they can, many advisors, bounty hunters, and partners will sell their tokens. With marketing making, you put a dedicated budget to support the token price once it is listed on exchanges. Most exchanges offer dedicated market making services.

Good and bad marketing

The two examples below demonstrate how good and bad post-ICO marketing can have an impact on a project.

Poor marketing strategy:

A project raises $30 million in an oversubscribed ICO. During the ICO, the team was active on social media and traditional media promoting the project. After the ICO, updates stop. Investors are wondering how the ICO went. What are plans for exchange listings? How is development going? Persistent complaints from the community about the lack of communication eventually lead to a half-baked communication strategy, but by this time many investors have lost faith in the project and dumped tokens. The result: the token price collapses. There is a very real danger the project joins the list of ‘dead’ tokens.

Good marketing strategy:

A project raises $30 million in an oversubscribed ICO. During the ICO, the team was active on social media and traditional media promoting the project. After the ICO, the team established a weekly video newscast to share updates. Through a dedicated post-ICO PR strategy, news gets spread to leading crypto sites. Shortly after the completion of the ICO, the token is listed on a large exchange. A market maker helps smooth out price volatility and the token slowly rises in price.

At CryptoCoin.News, our marketing team can bring help you establish a post-ICO communications strategy, and most importantly, take some of the workload off your shoulders. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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