Weekly Crypto Round Up, The Rise Of Bitcoin, Dash, The End Of Fiat Money, And Other Trends To Watch


It’s a fast moving world out there in the land of Bitcoin, Ether and the many many other Altcoins performing well above market trends. We have an awesome and growing team of top crypto writers, from all over the world. As our output rises we will be bringing you roundups of key breaking stories you may have missed. Here are this week’s latest stories. We also have some exciting news to come soon as well. If you’d like to pitch us a story or discuss being featured on the site drop us an email here [email protected] 

Dashing Over Bitcoin, Why Dash Gained 40% In Value, Fernando Gutierrez Explains

Bitcoin Rises In Value Again Amid Fresh Forking Talks

Chinese Crypto And Blockchain Insights With Henry Wang, International Blockchain Application Federation President And DEScrow Advisor

Cryptocurrency Mining Still Active In China Despite Government Ban

Dan Larimer, Creator Of The Fastest Blockchains, Now Targeting Sub-second Latency In EOS

We Have Reached The Beginning Of The End Of Fiat Money, Jim Reid, Deutsche Bank

UN Agencies To Use Blockchain To Combat Child Trafficking

I Am By Infobeing Foundation ICO Review

Japan Becomes World Leader In Bitcoin Policies

New Crypto LBX Dragoncard and Exchange To Launch For London Market

Plans For Segwit2x “suspended” – Competing Chains Averted

No More Cheap Electricity For Chinese Crypto Miners?

Bitcoin Attracts Institutional Investors

North Korea Increases Its Cryptocurrency Hacking Campaigns

Botswana Blockchain Summit To Take Place, Dec 1st, 2nd, Gaborone

Israel Securities Authority Chairman Schmuel Hauser Addresses ICO Issues

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