Cryptocoin News ICO Review Round Up, 15 Innovative ICOs To Watch


You may have realized ICOs and cryptocurrencies are taking off. Unless you’ve been offline for the last month ICOs have been booming. One estimate is that there were 800 in October alone. Cryptocoin News are looking to review as many of them as possible, and we have increased our team to be able to feature even more of them in November and beyond. Here are the top ones that caught our attention in October 2017. Read all about it here, and remember this is where you read good analysis and reviews about them first.

The Untapped Power Of Water: HydroMiner’s ICO Review

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WePower: Trading Green Energy On The Blockchain

ICO Or NO ICO: ClearPoll ICO Campaign Reviewed


AI Trading: Elpis Investments ICO Evaluated

Zloadr ICO Reviewed

Kickstarting Blockchain Fundraising Revolution, KICKICO Helps Funding Ideas Through Cryptocurrencies

Confideal ICO Reviewed, Using Smart Contract Technology To Solve Contractual Processes

ICO Escrow Services: Arbi ICO Reviewed


Seratio ICO’s Unique Value Proposition, Personal Value Appreciation Evaluated

An Eastern Offering: Bitindia’s Upcoming ICO And Why The Company Focuses On The Local Market

Asset Token ICO: The Proposed New Standard For Credit Card Rewards Programmes

Cryptotrading, The Easy Irish Way: Mingo ICO Enables Trading Through Messaging And Gaming

ICO Review Of Tetarise: First Blockchain-based Hotel And Apartment Booking Platform

MicroMoney ICO Reviewed

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