The Top Crypto Stories Of 2017, CryptoCoin.News’s Most Viewed Articles This Year


Happy New Year. As we celebrate a successful debut year for Cryptocoin.News we look back on which stories received the most views, traffic and engagement. As always this list is guided by the data, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on what stories you’d like to hear more about too, drop us a line at [email protected]

Thanks again for reading and have a great 2018 too.

50 Great Crypto Experts To Follow On Twitter

Donald Trump Plans To Tax Cryptocurrency Trading

John McAfee Warns Of The Danger Of Visiting Unsecure Websites, ICO Investing And How To Stay Safe Online

Dashing Over Bitcoin, Why Dash Gained 40% In Value, Fernando Gutierrez Explains

Dan Larimer, Creator Of The Fastest Blockchains, Now Targeting Sub-second Latency In EOS


Swissborg ICO Review

Crypto Currency Exchange And Debit Card: The Tokia ICO Review

Ethereum V Bitcoin: The Pros And Cons Of These Two Cryptorivals

US Federal Court Orders Coinbase To Hand Over Customers Details To IRS

Cryptocoin News ICO Review Round Up, 15 Innovative ICOs To Watch

Estonian Government Defies EU Central Bank With World’s First National ICO

15 Exciting ICOs To Watch, Cryptocoin.News November ICO Review Highlights

ælf Unveils Its Plan For A Blockhain ‘Central Business District’

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