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Cryptocoin News has only been live for just under three months, but we have already achieved some top results in terms in interviews with those people on the cutting edge of the crypto, blockchain, alt currency and ICO world. Our views have also quadrupled this week, and we’ve even seen some of our content being cheekily swiped by larger media outlets who should know better. Overall it’s a great position to be in, and we look forward to bringing you even more interviews in the future too. Thanks for reading. Image from pixabay here.

Exploring The Exciting Possibilities Of The Blockchain Revolution, Don Tapscott, Blockchain Research Institute

The ICO Revolution In Investing And Fundraising

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Why Bitcoin Will Remain Relevant, ICO Opportunities, And Other Crypto Insights With Jon Matonis

Bitcoin’s Killer Feature Is As A Store Of Value. Insights With Jimmy Song, Crypto Expert

Interview With Simon Cocking: Crypto-enthusiast, Editor, Speaker, Advisor, Photographer

50 Great Crypto Experts To Follow On Twitter

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