ICO Review: Dataeum – The First Collaborative Platform For Data

Dataeum, source: dataeum.io

Today we live in what many call the Information Age, where digital data production is at the heart of our ecosystems and businesses, all using data to drive growth. The most valued companies today are the ones that have based their business around data: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Uber, etc. Data is now considered the new oil.

Individuals living in this age have become instruments of data collection through actions, behaviors and movements. Data is of tremendous value to companies and at times this this data is harvested without consent or reward. Much of the data created may not be captured accurately or may consist of false information because data is still crude, unrefined and hard to find.

Dataeum is a project created by DenDen Company that wants to place individuals at the center of the data ecosystem, tackling the challenges of data ownership and data reliability, making it decentralized, dis-intermediated and incentivized through collaborative solutions (Crowdsourcing) using the blockchain and smart contracts.

Dataeum Benchmark, source: dataeum.io

Main features

  • Any individual (crowdsourcing) will now be able to collect a high quantity of data through a mobile application and get rewarded in tokens.
  • Data will be used by any company, government or individual that is seeking databases.
  • An ultra-scalable and highly reliable platform that will secure the relationship between both data collectors and acquirers.
  • Legacy mobile app with proven scalability and profitability (Barcelona, London and Paris).
  • Blockchain will guarantee the transparency of the data generation process, its collection and accuracy.
  • Dataeum Token will be the fuel of the exchanges, from collectors to data acquirers.


  • This innovative method and solution will make it possible to gather 100% of the real world’s data with 100% accuracy (quality data).
  • Data will be accessible for use within a decentralized marketplace, according to the different needs of each market player.
  • Gives control to the individuals who create data, suppressing the middlemen.
Dataeum platform workflow, source: dataeum.io

Token information

  • Token name = Dataeum.
  • Acronym = XDT.
  • Technology = ERC-20 Ethereum Platform.
  • Max. number of tokens = 1,000,000,000.
  • Currencies accepted = ETH / BTC / FIAT

Token distribution

  • ICO = 50%.
  • Reserve = 35%.
  • Team, investors & bounty = 15%.

Funds usage

  • Platform development = 50%
  • Marketing and communication = 30%
  • Operating costs = 20%
Dataeum funds usage, source: dataeum.io


  • Starts = May 28th 2018.
  • Close = June 24th 2018.
  • Token price = 8,000 XDT/ETH.
  • Bonus = 10% to 18% (depending on purchase date).
  • Min. buy = 0,25 ETH / 0,018 BTC / $100.


  • Starts = July 2nd 2018.
  • Close = August 5th 2018.
  • Token price = 8,000 XDT/ETH.
  • Min. buy = 0,25 ETH / 0,018 BTC / $100.
  • Hard cap = 50,000 ETH.

The team


Right now there is no direct competitor to this project. There are projects based on blockchain working to improve copyright (Copytrack), data quality (SkyTao) and others that protect data privacy or data rights, but none with the Dataeum approach.

Social media presence

Additional information


Data production grows exponentially but, currently, only a minimum percentage is analyzed, exploited or monetized. Dataeum has an original idea which “refines” the quality of the data, a market that is now estimated at more than 3 trillion dollars, a gold mine for large corporations and governments.

Data market capitalization, source: dataeum.io