COPYTRACK ICO Review: The Future Of Global Copyright Registration

Copytrack Ico Review: The Future Of Global Copyright Registration
Copytrack Ico Review: The Future Of Global Copyright Registration

As we know, pictures are copied and distributed illegally countless times each day. These pictures are stolen many times over, putting their creators at financial disadvantage due to the current copyright enforcement system. COPYTRACK wants to create, with the help of blockchain technology, a Global Decentralized Copyright Register for digital content, which authenticates users and links digital intellectual property. This online registry will generate a unique ecosystem for rights-holders, thereby providing new efficient marketplaces. This platform will offer the following services:

  • Post-licensing in over 140 countries.
  • Legal advice by qualified lawyers.
  • ‘One-click’ case management.
  • Personal customer service.

Copytrack Ico Review: The Future Of Global Copyright Registration

(COPYTRACK registry process, source:

Main features

  • Provides a tool to comfortably navigate the ownership-rights process without any risk or hassle to rights-holders.
  • Free of charge services, and even bear the risk of legal fees.
  • The platform only takes a small success-related commission.
  • Post-licensing for purchases of a proper license after a registered image has been used by a rights-violator.
  • A full start-to-finish service from searching for the use of rights-holder images on the internet, to matching the findings precisely to the photographer’s images and identifying unlicensed usage.


The platform’s unique image-matching technology engine compares their customer’s images with all findings. Cropping, changes and editing will be recognized and considered.

  • Free use of the platform.
  • Zero risks of legal enforcement.
  • Focused on ‘post-licensing’.
  • Fair approach for both parties.
  • Benefits for the rights-violator that include avoiding a bad reputation in addition to saving time and resources on fighting costly legal battles.


  • Creating a lawsuit could take 10 weeks.
  • Currently, they only offer the service in the European Union, United States and Japan.
  • There is no guarantee that the rights-violator answer the infringement letter or purchases the license for the image.
  • When 100 million tokens are in circulation, there will be 30 million more tokens of inflation distribution in 10 years for node operators (total will be 130 million).

Social media presence


IPStock implements visual digital content registry on blockchain and license management through smart contracts. The company addresses the global stock images market which includes photos, illustrations, videos, and other visual content.

Lapixa searches images on the internet and sees where, how, and by whom they are being used.

Pixsy discovers where and how images are being used online. Recovers a compensation for unauthorized use of images.

Token Information

  • Token = COPYTRACK Token.
  • Acronym = CPY.
  • Technology = ERC-20.
  • Max. number of tokens = 100,000,000.
  • Currencies accepted = Ethereum (ETH).

Token distribution

  • Pre-sale 1 = 5%.
  • Pre-sale 2 = 5%.
  • Pre-sale 3 = 10%.
  • Public sale = 40%.
  • Advisors and funders = 20%.
  • Blockchain development = 20%.

Copytrack Ico Review: The Future Of Global Copyright Registration

(COPYTRACK token sale, source:


  • Started = December, 2017.
  • Close = February 9th 2018.
  • Token price = 740 CPY/ETH.
  • Max. offering = 40.000.000 CPY.
  • Bonus = from January 30th to February 5th every investor will receive 10% bonus tokens and will be distributed mid-February.

Additional Information


COPYTRACK is currently a fast-growing business. It has become a leading platform and service provider for image search and copyright enforcement worldwide. With its cutting-edge technology, processes, and use of blockchain technology, it could address the key challenges in the copyright industry.