Clarity – The Platform For Small Businesses


Launching and running a company requires massive amounts of time, money, skill, perseverance and courage. This is not easy to accomplish, in fact, the statistics show that 60% of small businesses fail within 5 years and only 10% last more than 10 years due to the lack of experience and proper advice.

Clarity wants to change this. By harnessing the power of both artificial intelligence and blockchain, the Clarity platform will allow small business owners around the world to take back control of their data, powering growth and success. The platform will help entrepreneurs understand their numbers, how to make better business decisions, build a better business and facilitate access to cash, finance and investment.

Clarity will help overcome this financial hurdle with the power of blockchain. Embedded within the Clarity platform, blockchain can ensure all data, both financial and non-financial can be stored securely. The transaction history of a business can be easily verified through the platform and stored on the blockchain, providing unaltered data that’s kept safe.

What makes Clarity unique?

Well, its founders have a wealth of experience, having built a number of their own multi-award winning companies. As qualified chartered accountants, they have also served thousands of clients between them, having gathered the experience necessary to lead businesses into succeed. The Clarity leadership team understand changing consumer habits, mobility and connectivity, and have used this knowledge and expertise to drive the profits of each and every client.

But Clarity is not just for business owners. It’s also for institutional investors and venture capitalists, looking for the next big opportunity in the jungle of new projects out there. The platform allows big investment players to have a clear, up-to-date, reliable data set, all powered by blockchain. This leads to low due diligence fees and less risk for the investor. Clarity will bring trust and credibility to any transaction.

Clarity will also offer services for accountants. Through the platform, accounts will be able to get a better grasp of the financial numbers and which benchmarks each business is hitting, meaning they can better advise entrepreneurs on how to move forward – using scalable business advisory solutions – and without themselves losing money.

How will it work?

The Clarity Platform will only be accessible through Clarity tokens, which comply with the Ethereum based ERC20 smart contracts standard. This means the tokens are easy and secure. All users wishing to join should pay a monthly subscription fee – plus separate transaction fees for additional services.

The public pre-sale starts on November 3rd and will end on January 5th next year. Those who get in early will receive extra rewards. The general public token sale will start after the pre-sale. For more details about the fund allocation, the team and project timeline, go to the Clarity website.