The Weekly ICO Roundup, This Week’s ICOs To Watch

The Weekly Ico Roundup, This Week’s Icos To Watch
The Weekly Ico Roundup, This Week’s Icos To Watch

Despite the Christmas season many ICOs continued to run, either right up to December 24th, or all the way across the holiday period. How will this affect sales? Several have already pushed back closing dates to early, middle or late January. For others it has had no discernible affect at all. Are we seeing a temporary slow down in tokenomics, or does the true quality still shine through in a crowded market? Interesting times. Here are the latest impartial reviews by our talented team of writers.

PROPS ICO Reviewed – A Decentralized Ecosystem Of Video Applications

B2B Crypto Services: The Crypto Improvement Fund ICO Evaluated

TV-TWO ICO Review: Decentralized TV Viewing On The Blockchain

P2P Security: The Levelnet ICO Reviewed

Rightmesh – ICO Review

MARK.SPACE ICO Review: A New 3D/VR Platform Powered By Blockchain Technology

Jibrel Network – ICO Review

Co-creation And Collaboration: Crowdholding ICO Reviewed

Tokenization Of Assets: The Bankex ICO Evaluated

Weekly ICO Review Roundup, The Latest Cutting Edge ICOs Evaluated

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