TOKPIE ICO Review: Peer-to-Peer Crypto Exchange With No Fees

Tokpie Ico Review: Peer-to-peer Crypto Exchange With No Fees
Tokpie Ico Review: Peer-to-peer Crypto Exchange With No Fees

Decentralization is at the heart of the blockchain enthusiast’s philosophy, so it is hardly surprising that decentralized peer-to-peer crypto exchanges are rolling out across the world.

However, the majority of cryptocurrency trading still takes place on established centralized platforms, such as Poloniex and Kracken. In recent months, a deluge of new players has emerged, fighting for attention and intent on solving the inherent problems of centralized exchanges, from security to scalability.

Once such ICO is TOKPIE. TOKPIE plans to operate its services commission free for everyone other than the largest traders and will host trading for everything from crypto futures and options, to dark pool and P2P lending.

TOPKIE has no beta site to view, so the finer details of how these ambitious plans will hold together is yet to be gleaned. The ICO will commence with a pre-sale beginning on the 1st of May, a beta launch will follow on the 15th of May and finally a Token Final Sale from the 1st of June.

Quick Facts

Token name – TKP

Total amount of TKP for sale – 1,920,000

Pre-sale price – 1 TKP=0.0005208 ETH

ICO Price – 1 ETH=1840 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0005435 ETH (1st week)
1 ETH=1760 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0005682 ETH (2nd week)
1 ETH=1680 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0005952 ETH (3rd week)
1 ETH=1648 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0006068 ETH (4th week)
1 ETH=1600 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0006250 ETH (5th week)

ICO start and end date – 1st June 2018 to 5th July 2018

Token allocation

The TKP Token will be allocated as follows:

  • Public sale:  65%
  • Growth reserve (4-years): 21%
  • Team (2-years): 9.6%
  • Angel investors: 2%
  • Referral program: 1.3%
  • Bounty: 1.1%

The team:

The team, primarily based in Russia and Ireland, has plenty of experience. Vasilii Silinh co-founded the Biomass Exchange Graceful Globe, another P2P business with a model not very far removed from TOKPIE’s. You can read more about the team here.


Here’s the rub. There are dozens of decentralized exchanges in the works, along with a fair few that are successfully up and running. While TOKPIE’s blog posts make a convincing argument that many of these P2P platforms are glorified advertisement sites, with no real platform for trading per se, it will have a fight on its hands to delineate itself from the crowd. As the sector evolves there will be winners and losers, but TOKPIE deals a strong hand by eliminating fees for most users.


A question that must always be asked is “what is this token for?”.  In TOKPIE’s case, TKP will be used for:

  • Membership (to get access to advanced features)
  • Subscription fee payment (only high volume traders will be charged)
  • Add-ons (one-time payment for special services)
  • Collateral & interest fees (for leverage trading)

It is debatable that the token itself has anything other than a contrived value, and its appreciation potential is dubious.


TOKPIE is active on all the usual social media sites, and its well-written articles and posts are certainly more digestible than many of its competitors. So, are there many people interested in this project? The numbers of followers on the primary social media sites are:

Medium – 130

Telegram – 2540

LinkdIn – 13

Facebook – 1003

Twitter – 1077


TOKPIE’s zero fees and auction-style approach to P2P crypto trading may have legs, but it’s a very crowded race and there are bound to be slips and falls before any clear winner emerges among the P2P competitors. A competent team and a good communications wing are clear advantages for TOKPIE, but the world will have to await the beta site in May to have a real idea of this ICO’s true pedigree