Airdrops This Week: Qlear Protocol, CoTrader And Quixxi Connect


Today on airdrops this week, we have Qlear Protocol, CoTrader and Quixxi Connect.

Qlear Protocol (QLEAR)

Qlear Protocol is built by Qlear Technologies – The Trust Machine for Online Gaming. Qlear Protocol will allow the development of better games, faster with fair play guaranteed and empowering users to game freely without third-party control.

Qlear Protocol is airdropping 200 QLEAR to airdrop participants with the equivalent of ~$10 tokens to the first 20,000 airdrop participants. The token price: 1 Qlear = 0.0002 ETH and the end of this airdrop is still unknown.

Steps to join the airdrop:

  1. Go to
  2. Join them on DISCORD
  3. Follow them on TWITTER & RETWEET
  4. Follow them on FACEBOOK
  5. Subscribe to their REDDIT

CoTrader (COT)

CoTrader explained as “The Uber of Hedge Funds”, because anyone can create or join a crypto hedge fund with blockchain. As such, CoTrader democratizes the $85 trillion funds industry and is LIVE on the Ethereum mainnet already, even before it’s sale.

CoTrader is keeping the token price for the ICO low to make it attractive to buyers, and keeps a low $3M hardcap. The number of tokens it’s giving in the airdrop is high relative to the total tokens. There will be 2 rounds of airdrops, in each round you can get 2,5 COT tokens. If you participate in both rounds, the total airdrop is 5 COT (~$ 1). Estimated value ~$1 + $0.50 referral and the airdrop ends on 30th Sept

Steps to join the airdrop:

Quixxi Connect (QXE)

Quixxi Connect enables Smart Crypto Payments, where crypto transactions can be sent or received directly to an email address, phone number, or ID, instead of a complex hash address. A complete wallet protection is provided by decentralizing shards of the user’s private key. These two unique features make Quixxi Connect a simple and intuitive payments platform, where focus is on breaking down the barriers for mass crypto adoption.

Quixxi Connect is airdropping $1 Million in QXE to all airdrop participants and you can get one stake for joining the airdrop and more stakes for referring your friends. Also, the ICO token price is 1000 QXE which is equivalent to 1 ETH. The estimated value per participant is around $50 and the Quixxi airdrop will end on 30th September so do not miss out.

Steps to join the airdrop:

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