John McAfee: “Blockchain Is The Truth”


Maria Vovchok interviewed John McAfee for CryptoCoin.News recently, and he shared these crypto tidbits (along with some jabs at HitBTC).

“The blockchain is an immutable, absolute record of facts of what actually is happening and what has happened.

Once we understand that fully then all of us can know the truth.

If you want to know certain transactions that have happened, they are on the blockchain.
Applications using the blockchain are using it because it is an immutable record of what has happened.

For the first time in human history, we have that. So we have the truth available to us. If we structure it properly so then we can access it, then we all know the truth.

If we know, for example, that HitBTC is, in fact, a criminal organization stealing money – how do we know? Because its on the blockchain.

Take a look, they stole all my money. Do I have a proof? Yes, it’s all here in the blockchain.

Then we can make a choice. We don’t need police, we don’t need regulations, we don’t need force, we don’t need to go into the HitBTC office (even when we don’t know where they are). We don’t need to. We all stop using it.

Because we know that if we put our money there, they will steal it. Then we don’t put our money there.

What happens? They just disappear.

Now, we don’t have the privilege of punishing these people. But, does punishment help? No.

If a tiger eats a gazelle, does punishing the tiger do anything? No.

If you look at it: Don’t play with the tigers if you are a gazelle. Don’t go into this field because it’s full of tigers. Eat over there.

Do you understand? We need no force, we need no police, we need no one to protect us.

All we need is the truth.

And the blockchain gives us the truth.”