Airdrops This Week: Prandex, Datafund And Accounting Blockchain


Today on Airdrops This Week we’ve got Prandex, Datafund, and Accounting Blockchain.

Prandex (PRAB) Airdrop

Prandex is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange platform which aims to combine the best aspects of existing exchanges like Binance, OKEx and Cobinhood all under one roof. While functioning as a regular cryptocurrency exchange, Prandex will also function as a brokerage for crypto investors.

You can earn up to 1200 PRAB tokens for signing up and referring a friend – the equivalent of $12. The total amount of tokens you can receive during the Airdrop is uncapped, with the possibility of earning more PRAB tokens by using the Prandex exchange – which is currently in beta stage.

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  • Join the Prandex Telegram channel (200 PRAB).
  • Register on the Prandex website and complete the KYC form (500 PRAB).
  • Refer a friend to join the Prandex Airdrop (500 PRAB). Earnings from referrals are unlimited.
  • Use the Prandex exchange and you will receive 1 PRAB token for every dollar worth of cryptocurrency you deposit on the platform.

The Prandex Airdrop is running until September 30th.

Datafund (DEX)

Datafund is a new blockchain project focused on the online data marketplace. Datafund are building a personal data oracle and market, which seeks to put control over personal data back in the hands of the individual.

You can expect to receive at least $12.50 – or 1250 DEX tokens – in the initial sign up process, with the potential to earn more tokens through carrying out social tasks on the website. DEX earnings are capped at 1250 for phase one of the bounty campaign, but will increase as the bounty moves into phases two and three.

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  • Sign up at the Datafund website.
  • Join the Datafund Telegram channel (250 DEX).
  • Follow the Datafund Twitter page (250 DEX).
  • Complete tasks on the website to earn more tokens up to the level one cap of 1250.

The Datafund Airdrop is running until October 1st.

Accounting Blockchain (AB)

Accounting Blockchain is aiming to service the Business-to-Business transaction market by uniting companies on its distributed ledger. The company plan to empower the global accounting community with the benefits of blockchain technology.

There are 5500 AB tokens up for grabs worth $0.01 each – amounting to value of $55.

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  • Subscribe on the website (500 AB)
  • Join the Telegram Channel (2000 AB)
  • Share Accounting Blockchain’s Facebook posts once per week (1000 AB)
  • Retweet official tweets once per week (2000 AB)

The Accounting Blockchain Airdrop runs until September 30th.

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