Airdrops This Week: Berminal, Aerum And HARA


This Is Airdrops This Week and today we have: Berminal, Aerum and HARA.

Berminal (BERM) Airdrop

Berminal offers quite a unique proposition. The project is a crypto news platform that provides live updates on price fluctuations, notable events, and much more.

Berminal is airdropping 200 BERM tokens, with a value of about $10, to participants. The Airdrop ends on August 25th, 2018.

Token price is set at 1 BERM = $0.05, and the estimated value of the Airdrop is $10.

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  • Go to Berminal Airdrop page.
  • Enter your Ethereum wallet address.
  • Download Berminal App on Android or IOS.
  • Open the App and click on ”Create Account”.
  • Enter your phone number to receive your activation code by SMS.

Berminal also offers the possibility to earn extra BERM tokens through referrals. If you refer colleagues or friends to the Airdrop, you will receive an extra 200 tokens, with a value of about $10.

Aerum (XRM) Airdrop

Aerum is an interesting project based on Blockchain 3.0 technology, whose platform provides the necessary framework for the creation of dApps.

Aerum’s Airdrop will take place between August 15, 2018, and August 29th, 2018. During this time period, one million XRM tokens will be airdropped to participants. The estimated value of the tokens is $60,000, based on a token price of 1 XRM = $0.06.

Participants will receive their tokens after the ICO ends, which will be in December 2018.

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  • Go to Aerum Airdrop form.
  • Join Aerum on Telegram.
  • Invite friends to Aerum Telegram group and get 1 stake for every referral.
  • If you are a Crowdholding user, then provide your account URL to receive 1 stake.
  • Submit your details to the Airdrop form.

Some additional information about Aerum’s Airdrop, each participant will receive one stake for joining, and one stake for referring friends. Stake limits will range between 20 and 200 XRM per stake, with a value of $1.20 ~$12.

HARA (HART) Airdrop

HARA aims to create a data exchange economy whose goal is to promote data-driven decisions among society. HARA will initially focus on the agriculture and food sectors.

It is airdropping 3,333,333 HART tokens to the first 8,000 people who sign up. Each person will receive 416 tokens worth about $25. The Airdrop will remain live until August 26, 2018.

Steps to join the Airdrop:

The estimated value of the HARA Airdrop is $25, based on a token price of 1 HART = $0.059.

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