12 Interesting ICOs To Watch, Cryptocoin.News Weekly Round Up

12 Interesting Icos To Watch, Cryptocoin.news Weekly Round Up
12 Interesting Icos To Watch, Cryptocoin.news Weekly Round Up

ICOs are continuing to do well, even as countries all over the world scramble to work out how to regulate and manage them. It’s a busy time, many are running preICO and full ICO campaigns across November, December and into January. It’s uncertain yet how this will be affected by the winter holiday period, but many of them have reached and surpassed their soft cap targets already. Here are the latest impartial reviews brought to you by our talented team of writers and reviewers.

AppCoins: The Blockchain-based Protocol To Unify Finance And Trust In The App Economy

Trial Token ICO Review. Using Blockchain To Provide Access To The Legal System

Envion ICO Review: Decentralizing Energy Provision By Mobile Mining Units

Iungo ICO Review: WiFi Access For The Masses, Through The Blockchain

Evareium ICO Review: The World’s Digital Real Estate Investment Token Fund

BitMinutes ICO Review: Providing Access To Financial Services For The Disadvantaged

Zilliqa ICO Review – Next Gen Blockchain Platform

Fundaria ICO Review: Community-driven Ideas Across The Blockchain

Nau ICO Review

Industrial Cryptomining: MoonLite ICO Review

NaPoleonX ICO Review: Delivering Smart And Competitive Investing Solutions For Crypto-investors

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PressCoin ICO Review: The Future Of Decentralized Media