AdHive ICO Review: Connecting Social Media Influencers And Advertisers


Popularity and celeb-dom can be considered personal currencies these days; influencer marketing has taken over the mindset of the younger generation with an iron grip.

The ‘influencers’, young men and women with of money and ambition hold big brands and corporations to ransom through their online clout. The current Kylie Jenner v Snapchat affair is but the last example of this first-world affliction.

Influencer marketing itself goes back to a time barely remembered or taken into account by most who’re alive today in the YouTube generation. The use of celebrities to promote brands or products came into its own during the first half of the 20th century, as companies used acting powerhouses like Elizabeth Taylor to lend their screen pull to TV commercials.

Fast forward to present day, when YouTube and video advertisements have become huge revenue-makers for a lot of brands. But according to AdHive, this type of publicity faces major challenges in the form of ad-blocking software. This ICO offers a blockchain-based solution for mass placement of native video ads on influencers’ channels.

AdHive: Connecting advertisers and influencer communities

According to its marketing blurb: “AdHive’s mission is to bring together advertisers and influencer communities in order to shift large advertising budgets from TV to the digital video industry“.

In short, the creation of a medium where brands, bloggers, and influencers, can find each other and promote each other’s business.

Mechanics: how AdHive works

The AdHive platform enables the creation of new advertising campaigns, including parameters such as overall budget, target audience & regions, duration, and deadlines.

Once the campaign’s setup is finished, the AdHive platform’s AI algorithms will choose influencers that match the campaign’s parameters, propose agreeable terms & conditions, ensure proper placement, and issue payment via smart contracts when the task is complete.

Adhive in figures & quick facts

  • Token name – AdHive token (ADH)
  • Pre-sale start date – January 30th 2018
  • Pre-sale end date – February 6th 2018
  • Token value during pre-sale – 1 ETH = 5750-6500 ADH
  • ICO start date – February 28th 2018
  • ICO end date – March 14th 2018
  • Token value during pre-sale – 1 ETH = 5000-5500 ADH

Note that unsold tokens will be burned after the end of the ICO, and that no more tokens will be issued.

The AdHive token

The company will issue its own currency, the Adhive token (ADH), which, once created, will be distributed as follows:

  • Token Sale – 60%
  • Founders -11.5%
  • Network Growth – 16%
  • Advisory Board – 6%
  • Community Grants and Bounties – 3.5%
  • Legal Compliance – 1%
  • Reserve Fund – 2%

The team

The AdHive website presents a core team of 12 people, plus six advisers.

There is a lot of blockchain and entrepreneurial talent among the team, which includes ICO managers, AI experts, legal advisers, and community managers, plus related disciplines.

Social media presence and digital footprint

Here are the social media the numbers for AdHive at the time of writing (late February 2018).

  • Twitter – 3,010 followers
  • Facebook – 3,300 followers
  • Telegram – 21k followers


Influencer marketing, along with e-Commerce, are two of the most popular subject matters for many emerging ICOs.

There are currently at least five others (SocialMedia.Market, Mavin, SocialCxN, JETS, and indaHash) that provide blockchain-based platforms for influencer marketing.

The market is crowded, so new entrants will have to stand out from the crowd to ensure their longevity.

White paper

Consult AdHive’s white paper and prospectus for more information about the platform, additional features and services, etc.

Additional information

See ICOBENCH review.


Influencer marketing is a very profitable activity, both for the advertiser and the celebrity, personality, blogger, or whoever it is that is tasked with the brand promotion. As such, the potential use for AdHive’s platform is huge.

But as pointed out, this particular ICO sector is populated by a number of platforms offering the same services.

It is up to AdHive to field an innovative solution that can stand out from the crowd.

Indeed, AdHive’s recent pre-sale was sold out in record time, so the seeds of success may have been sown.


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