Which Are The Best Online Wallets For Your Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency Wallet

The crypto world is making strides towards adoption and mainstream use, however if you want Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash, you need a wallet to keep these cryptos safe and secure.

There are many wallets available and selecting the best is not an easy job. Even though cold wallets are the best, there are some great choices in online wallets to keep you safe from hacking attacks. Here is a list of wallets best suited for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash users.


BTC.com was created in 2016 and, so far, it is one of the best wallets around. This wallet was designed to store BTC and BCH. Bitmain, a crypto mining firm is behind this wallet. So far, it is safe and user-friendly.

This powerful wallet is available in Android Appstore as well as in the iOS store and there is a web version. With BTC.com you can send and receive Bitcoin easily and safely. You can access your wallet any time of the day on any device. Not to mention, you have full control over your Bitcoin private keys.

The ability to control private keys removes the need for a third party. As a result, this will increase the security of your wallet. The wallet has a simple look, but it’s powerful. You should try it if you are into cryptocurrency trading.


Blockchain.info wallet is a longstanding wallet and most used in the cryptocurrency environment. The website started operating in 2011. This wallet is backed by a well-known company and thousands of crypto experts are using the site which is also a block explorer. The website now supports 37 languages.

Blockchain.info however, supports three coins only: BTC, BCH, and ETHE. This wallet works as an exchange like Coinbase. You can swap currencies for one another as you desire. It has suffered from scam attacks before, if you want to receive or send payments using this wallet, check your transaction address and ensure they are correct.


Jaxx was created in 2014 by Anthony Di Iorio, one of the co-founders of Ethereum. You can access this wallet on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. It has a chrome version too.

Jaxx supports more than 60 coins, some of them are outside the top 100 currencies in the market cap. This wallet has received thumbs up for numerous features and a good design. The downside with Jaxx is that it doesn’t support crypto-to-fiat transactions, this wallet is the best for traders that aim to trade coins for other coins.


Coinbase is limited to applications, yet it is the simplest one to use. For all newbie traders, this wallet is the best because of the user-friendly interface. The coin selection on the platform is limited because it is the one within the exchange itself. It is on the list because it offers both BTC and BCH.

This wallet acts as an exchange for users who want to exchange their coins without leaving their wallets, but the fee is high. Crypto investors who want to avoid the fees can opt for Coinbase Pro where the price is relatively low.

The disadvantage with Coinbase is that coins have to be sent between the wallets when users decide to trade them.


Coinomi supports more than 500 cryptos. Out of these, 119 are coins while 382 are tokens. It supports transactions without leaving the wallet, is available in 28 languages, and allows purchases using a credit card. This makes it more efficient as buyers don’t need to visit exchanges at all.

Final Verdict

The above are some of the best and popular cryptocurrency wallets. You can choose the best that suits your needs, your budget, and how you use cryptocurrency.

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