AltFINS Platform Helps Crypto Traders Navigate Market Volatility

ETH breakout with logo v2
ETH breakout with logo v2

With the recent surge in crypto markets, many traders are looking for ways to identify and profit from trading opportunities. One increasingly popular tool is altFINS, an AI-powered analytics platform that scans thousands of crypto assets to generate trading signals.

Founded in 2020 by Wall Street veteran Richard Fetyko, altFINS aims to help traders of all experience levels navigate the often volatile crypto markets. The platform’s screener tool analyzes over 3,000 crypto assets across 25 exchanges, searching for coins that are breaking out, in an uptrend, gaining momentum, or oversold. It also detects classic chart patterns like channels, triangles, wedges and inverse head and shoulders formations that can precede significant price moves.

In addition to automated trade idea generation, altFINS offers real-time news alerts, curated charts, research reports on high potential projects, a portfolio tracker, and educational content to help users learn technical analysis and risk management. The platform’s trading course, which includes premium subscriptions, covers seven strategies for profiting in various market conditions.

Premium subscribers also gain access to altFINS’ coin picks, AI-detected chart patterns across multiple timeframes, trading setups for over 60 coins, a VIP Telegram channel, unlimited screener filters, and alert rules. The company’s focus on empowering traders seems to be resonating, with users giving altFINS an excellent 5-star rating on Trustpilot (

“Since launching two years ago, altFINS has helped thousands of traders spot profitable setups and better time their entries and exits,” says CEO Richard Fetyko. “Our goal is to provide an all-in-one toolkit for finding, analyzing and executing on trade opportunities, whether you’re brand new to crypto or have been investing for years.”

While altFINS offers a limited free plan, the full suite of premium features is available for a monthly subscription, with a 50% discount currently offered using code CRYPTO50.

Of course, no amount of sophisticated tools can eliminate the inherent risks of cryptocurrency investing. But in a market where information edge is critical, platforms like altFINS may help level the playing field for retail traders. As the recent rally brings renewed mainstream attention to crypto, expect more investors to seek out analytics platforms in an effort to profit from the asset class’s signature volatility.