8 Interesting ICOs To Watch Out For, Weekly Cryptocoin.News ICO Roundup


By @SimonCocking it’s TFI’s Friday time. Another interesting week on the global crypto markets. Good ICOs are still attracting investment, scams are being unearthed, and we’re busy doing our best to try and help you find value out there. As always all of our ICO reviews are made by our independent team of writers, who aim to be as analytical and objective as possible in delivering their reviews for you. See below for this week’s latest round up and thanks as always for reading.

Onplace ICO Review: Connecting Investors To Opportunities Through Blockchain

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Quasa ICO Review: Decentralizing The Cargo Shipping Industry


PoWHcoin: Ponzi Schemes, Overflows, And Blockchain Hacks

COPYTRACK ICO Review: The Future Of Global Copyright Registration

Africunia ICO Review: Digital Banking On The Blockchain

Africunia ICO Review: Digital Banking On The Blockchain

Nurucoin ICO Review: The Pan-African Coin

The Latest Hot ICOs To Watch, The Weekly Cryptocoin.News Roundup

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