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Iran Legalizes Cryptocurrency Mining

Despite prices being somewhat unpredictable, and some governments turning its back on cryptocurrencies; the Iranian government has fully authorized cryptocurrency mining as an industrial...

World Largest Cryptocurrency Mining Farm Reports Billion Income

According to Fortune, Bitmain, the leading company of cryptocurrency mining, has cited an audit conducted by the firm KPMG in which it reported net...
Why Does Cryptocurrency Mining Eat So Many Kilowatt Hours

Why Does Cryptocurrency Mining Devour Kilowatt Hours?

Cryptocurrency mining is a hot topic among governments lately. Should they or shouldn’t they allow these high energy gobbling enterprises to take place in...
Cryptocurrency Mining Hackers Target BlackBerry Mobile Site (1)

Cryptocurrency Mining Hackers Target BlackBerry Mobile Site

A Reddit user recently discovered that the BlackBerry mobile site was being used for mining Monero from unsuspecting users’ CPUs. The operator responsible for the...
Cryptocurrency Mining Still Active in China

Cryptocurrency Mining Still Active In China Despite Government Ban

Despite the country’s ban on participating in cryptocurrency trading and ICO’s the cryptocurrency industry is still active and thriving. Ever since the Chinese government banned...
North Korea Suspected of Implementing Worldwide Cryptocurrency Mining Software

North Korea Suspected Of Implementing Worldwide Cryptocurrency Mining Software

The regime has come under suspicion of resorting to cryptocurrency mining hacks to generate funds. North Korea has gained a sizable reputation amongst the crypto-community...
Putin Suggests Taxation on Cryptocurrency Mining

Putin Suggests Taxation On Cryptocurrency Mining

Russian president Vladimir Putin recently revealed plans to impose a tax on cryptocurrency mining. A newly published document has revealed that Russian President, Vladimir Putin,...
The Pirate Bay Implements Another Cryptocurrency Mining Code

The Pirate Bay Implements Another Cryptocurrency Mining Code

The popular media content downloading service implemented another mining script where users can’t choose to opt out. Just a few weeks ago, The Pirate...

Most Pirated Content Sites Are Implementing Cryptocurrency Mining Software

By Ali Raza image from pixabay here. Major pirate websites are looking towards cryptocurrency mining scripts to generate funds, but the implementation of this has...

Cryptocurrency Mining In 2017: Why Is Europe Lagging Behind Asia, Especially China ?

Currently, the cryptocurrency mining market is heavily dominated by large industrial-scale mining pools mainly located in Asia (China - 70%, India – 2%). In...
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