ICOS This Week: Bee Token A New Era Of Decentralized Accommodation, BlockEx A Digital Asset Exchange Platform And Experty Online Calls Powered By Crypto


Bee Token – Decentralized Sharing Economy

First up this week we take a look at Bee Token. Bee Token are launching their ICO with two projects within it: Bee Nest and Bee Protocols both powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Bee Token has already pocketed $10 Million from their presale and their main sale will be running from the 31st of January to the 28th of February. There will be a grand total of 500,000,000 bees with a hard cap of $15 Million and a soft cap of $5 Million. The minimum investment is set at 0.1 ETH and only 30% of the tokens are actually being offered to the market.

Speaking frankly, they have a good business idea with solid logic to back it and a superstar team from silicon valley, being built of past employees from Facebook, Uber, Google, and Civic. What Bee Token plan to do is set up, grow and maintain a decentralized currency and network, similar to Airbnb but with no fees. An impressive team with an impressive idea indeed. They intend to launch their product and spread out with the product using “tech” residential areas to get the idea up and running, providing them with some much-needed beta testing along the way. Entering into the world of ICOS can be daunting, but if you’re looking for what appears to be a safe bet then Bee Token may be the one for you.

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Provided their initial launch goes smoothly, it seems as though they will be able to grow and spread their model organically, viably branching out into other sharing economy sectors. Taking a look at their project roadmap they have a clear path as to how they plan to progress their idea. They plan to launch their initial Beenest Alpha in San Francisco in Q1 of 2018 and then will move the development of their project into 5 other US cities by 2019. In 2020 they hope to have been successful enough to have expanded to London, Singapore, and Korea. Certainly an ambitious plan for The Bee Token but one that, due to the solidity of their idea and the team backing the project, could go on to be extremely successful. As always, invest with due diligence and, do your homework before putting any money into the Bee Token project.


BlockEx – Supervised ICO Investments

The next ICO we had a look at this week was BlockEx, who are selling their DAXT token to fund their project. The presale for the DAXT token is underway and the reduced price is 75 cents for a token, down from the original price of 1 Euro. It is based on the Ethereum platform and they will be accepting ETH, BTC, and Fiat in exchange for DAXT with a hard cap of 35,700,000 Euro.   

The actual product that London based Fintech company BlockEx are launching is an online platform called the Digital Asset Exchange Platform (DAxP). This online global marketplace will act as a medium in which users can trade range of different asset classes using distributed ledger technology (DLT). The currency mention previously, the DAXT token, will be used on this platform and will be the main way in which most casual investors can finance the development of this platform. An interesting thing about this ICO, in particular, is that in order to invest you must go through a standard trader KYC process. What this means is that this will be an ICO that is far more regulated than the average project, the ICO will also have to follow British laws due to their location.

Perhaps this looks like a good investment for you, but unless you have faith in the product itself then looking elsewhere is advisable. You should really consider whether or not you plan to use the BlockEx Digital Asset Exchange Platform or not. So if you want to invest in the idea as well as the ICO then go right ahead. The company does appear to have a very solid plan for their platform and as an added bonus they also have some experience in the field of finances.


Experty – Cryptocurrency powered calls

Last up we have Experty.io, an ICO with an interesting cryptocurrency powered called solution. The token up for grabs is EXY and the exchange to Ethereum us 0.001 ETH. They had an initial hard cap of 14 Million Euro but this was reduced and it now stands at 9 Million Euro. Strangely enough, their pre-ICO sale whitelist was offered on a “proof of care” scheme. This was (and still is) a way to obtain the presale discount by showing your love for the product. You could prove this by blogging, writing an article, and even posting a photo on social media with a caption expressing your love for Experty.io. A little bit strange if you ask me, and strange business practices like this can sometimes result in a bit of alienation for prospective buyers. We will see how effective this marketing plan was, and hopefully, it doesn’t tarnish the brand too much.

The product itself, allows blockchain influencers, advisors and companies and professionals to monetize their time and knowledge. For example, you may set up a call with a Lawyer and get legal advice over the Experty app in which both the advice seeker and the advice giver have been verified. This allows for appointments to take place without the need for IRL contact.

The team behind Experty.io while energetic and highly focused, are a little on the young side by industry standards. To combat this, they have enlisted a panel of heavyweight advisors including the editor of Irish Tech News. Their team and idea has the potential to stack up and hit the market hard, their idea is solid and if they can execute on it then they may be on to a winner. I’m interested to see how successful this ICO is and whether it can be revolutionary or not. As always, we’ll be watching in the wings.


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