ICOs This Week: TrustLogics, W12 And EVO ICO Reviews


On ICOs This Week we review TrustLogics, a hiring platform, W12, a safe ICO marketplace and EVO, a network for professional growth.

TrustLogics: A Hiring Platform In Blockchain

For global recruitment managers, some of their biggest challenges are weeding out fake or exaggerated CV’s, verifying references or endorsements and storing personal data securely. This is where TrustLogics hopes to help the $428 billion industry. The company says it wants to harness the power of blockchain technology to streamline an often costly and long-drawn out process for employers. TrustLogics says it wants to use ‘peer power’ to refer suitable candidates for posted positions, while also building digital portfolios featuring reviews, ratings and reputation levels – thereby eliminating agencies and other middlemen. Jobseekers could also benefit – by getting their professional achievements verified through third party validators.

The project has already launched its web application beta in November, and has over 50k users registered on their Android and iOS mobile application. As for the mechanism of the blockchain-based platform; the process for users will depend on a validator who will confirm the candidate’s information, perform a background check and eventually authorize the user’s profile to go live. For recruiters, once they create a new position, any interested parties who fulfil the required skill set are notified.

Token economics: They’re launching their pre-ICO TrustLogics token sale on June 25th, and continuing until August 20th – with 1 TLT priced at $0.052. The soft cap is set at 2 million dollars and the hard cap at 16 million dollars. The maximum supply is just over 427, 225, 000 (427 million, 225 thousand). Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are all accepted as payment. Bonuses will vary – with a maximum of 35%. The main ICO will start on September 1st, through to September 25th, with a price of $0.08 for every 1 TLT.  The TrustLogics team have mentioned that the website would be updated soon to include more details.

Token distribution – 55% will be for token distribution, then 24% to founders, 10% to partnerships, 8% for early app users and the rest for bounties and referrals.For the funds allocation – a large portion (40%) will go to research and development, 40% to marketing and (what they call) global expansion – then the rest will be split amongst infrastructure, legal, regulatory and other costs.

TrustLogics has already scored well on ICO Bench, ICO Marks and Track ICO. The whitepaper is well laid out, clearly outlining its unique selling points and the company’s future plans, although it lacks major components such as the pre-sale and main sale dates. Additionally, when talking about the token itself, there is no explanation as to their purpose within the platform or if they are just a method of funding. There’s a handy pop-up feature on their website, allowing anyone to submit questions with ease. The company has already lined up several partnerships, a great team and an experienced advisory board.

W12: A Safe ICO Marketplace

W12 is a platform and blockchain protocol that aims to provide users with a fully transparent and trustworthy way to buy ICO projects. It wants to fight the big issue of scams within Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and the loss of investment due to the large amount of failed ICO projets. According to research published on Bitcoin.com, approximately 81% of ICOs are scams and only 3.8% of the remaining offerings are successful, representing more than $4 billion in losses.

The cryptocurrency and ICO market has become a massive industry in a matter of a few years, so far exceeding $600,000,000 billion in market capitalization for all cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been victims of the unregulated market, losing thousands of dollars in ICO scams or projects that never delivered what they promised. This is why W12 plans to offer a blockchain protocol to mitigate risks, ensuring that funds are disbursed on a phased basis, and where up to 95% of funds invested in failed projects are retained, thereby reducing fraud on the platform and increasing the ROI. The phased disbursement of funds will work according to the roadmap provided by the ICO. Where there’s any substantial deviation from its goal, investors will vote against continued financing. Additionally, it will offer a marketplace for open discussion, verification and scoring of projects by community members, experts and investors. One major feature that this project will offer is the token hold option, where ICO investors are guaranteed that early-stage investors cannot sell the token immediately thereby causing a major fall in prices. As for ICOs, the platform will offer legal documents and no initial costs.

The W12 token can be used as payment to buy tokens listed on their platform or for services. The website could be better structured and so could the whitepaper. The project’s projected revenue seems quite optimistic given the current volatility of the market. The Singapore project will be restricted for US citizens, and will require a Know Your Customer (KYC) and Whitelist process for potential investors. The team seems young and energetic, and the project has scored high on ICObench, TrackICO, Foundico and others.

Token economics: The pre-sale will start on May 20th and end on July 20th, with discounts ranging from 25-15%. The token price is 0,0002625 ETH – 0,0002975 ETH and the hard cap is 20 million W12 tokens. The crowdsale will begin on July 27th and end on September 27th with discounts of about 10%. The hard cap is 80 million W12. Finally, the token sale will go live on November 1st. They’ll accept Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

As for token distribution – out of the 400 million W12 being issued, 60% will go for the token sale, 15% for team, advisors and founders, 15% for a reserve fund and the rest among bonuses, integration with partners, bounties and airdrops. Funds allocation will depend on the amount of funds raised through the crowdsale, with most of the budget assigned to marketing and promotional efforts and the rest divided among the development of the marketplace, the exchange, accounts, business administration, expenses and others. They do not set out a specified fund allocation by percentage.

EVO: A Network For Professional Growth

EVO is a blockchain platform looking to contribute to the assessment and development of human skills. The Russian project wants to combine tools and partnership services to provide a platform that would allow people to achieve goals in their personal and professional life. They plan to achieve this by motivating their users through EVO, tracking their progress towards their individual goals through the blockchain, thus contributing to their personal development.

With new technology constantly emerging, how can anyone remain competitive? This is the problem EVO is trying to tackle by providing a platform where headhunting tools are available to assess skills and business qualities; unite existing systems and assessment centers for knowledge and skills; certify new skills, provide training, financial motivation and discounts; all based on the project’s token and auto-coaching. This is recorded in blockchain and smart contracts.

The whitepaper is well laid out and explains in detail the features of the project. The team is well seasoned and already has a few advisors on board, along with some strategic partnerships. They’ve got good reviews on ICObench, TrackICO, ICO Rater and others.They will also require a Know Your Customer process for the ICO.   

Token economics: The pre-sale for the ETALON token is currently ongoing and will end on May 31st. The price per token during this time is $0.80 with a bonus of 30-50% depending on when purchased. As for the public sale, the first round will begin on June 15th and will last for a month. The price per ETALON will be $1 during the public sale, with a soft cap of $4 million and a hard cap of $8,5 million. They’ll accept Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). For the token distribution – out of the total supply of 100 million Etalon, 4% will go for the pre-sale, 50% for the public sale, 10% for partners and users reserve, 15 % for the team, and the rest among bounties, subcontractors, advisors, experts and a liquidity reserve. For the funds allocation – 30% will go into marketing and community, 25% for platform development, 15% for services and the rest among assessment systems and operational costs. Additionally, to ensure that there is no manipulation of the price after the main sale, they’ve included an 80% tokens frozen policy, meaning that 79,680,000 of the tokens issued will not be available for sale for about a year after purchase.

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