ICOS This Week: Word Of Mouth Ad Campaigns, Food Chain Traceability And Telecoms On The Blockchain!


Friendz: Word of Mouth Influencer Ad Campaigns.

First up this week we are taking a look at the ICO Friendz, a fast-growing company that seeks to connect brands with their target audience by using what is arguably the most powerful marketing tool: word of mouth. Once incorporated onto social media, Friendz will introduce a new way of advertising through the use of peer-to-peer communication. The token sale begins on 1st March and Friendz will be distributing their FDZ token, there is a hard cap in place of 750 Million FDZ tokens.

At the heart of the company are the three founders who started in India in 2015. Since then, they have progressed to an app and have a successful business with multiple income streams, currently dealing with 200+ clients. They think that the time has come to evolve and progress their business model to the next level through the introduction of their own new cryptocurrency, to offer to clients, reward creators, and finance campaigns. They have a well-laid-out whitepaper, something that an advertising company would be expected to have. In an interesting move, they have gamified their whitelisting process which has aided their impressive social media growth. Their Telegram channels have been rapidly expanding and have already surpassed 40k.

There will be a 40% bonus in place, involving a 12 month vesting period, a healthy step by the project which will potentially stop post-ICO dumps and destabilization. Reviewers of Friendz seem to be having a positive reaction to the project, admiring the team and the concept in general. Looking at this ICO from an investment point of view, the short and long-term prospects appear quite good. Examining the offering is for sure not a waste of time.

TE-Food: Full Traceability of the Food Chain

Up next for our weekly ICO round-up is TE-Food, which is a farm-to-table fresh food traceability solution for emerging markets. There is a KYC (Know Your Customer) whitelist in place and the crowdsale will be running from the 22nd February to the 23rd March. Looking like it may be a short sale as they introduce their new token TFOOD to the market. There is a hard cap in place of $19 Million. The venture is based in Vietnam but is powered by IT partners from Hungary who, external to this project, have a long and successful history in applied technology projects involving roads, tolls and plenty more.

TE-Food tracks the food chain from farmer to shop and offers a fully comprehensive solution working with governmental bodies, vets, and legislation. At the moment they have a lot of traction in the market and are serving 6000+ business customers, tracking 12,000 pigs, 200,000 chickens, and 2.5 million eggs daily. The pre-existing project will benefit from moving onto the blockchain.

TE-Food has developed a mobile app allowing customers to scan a product and see its life history. This will be a very cost-effective solution for small-scale farmers, providing trust and safety in their products. Their current technological offering has plans for expansion, offering more uses for their product, but perhaps their most interesting offering is the development of the world’s first facial recognition for cows.

They have a steady Telegram group which has been growing, and they have a clear and open approach, answering all points from the team including showing agreements when challenged. An impressive attitude to say the least. They have a strong product and a growing interest. Getting in on the sale is advisable as they look like they will provide good short-term returns. The long-term future looks good too but you must note that the company and the product offering is a complicated model and will have to be specially adapted for use in different countries.

Bubbletone: Telecoms on the blockchain

Last up this week is Bubbletone, an ICO in the telecoms sector that will introduce the first decentralized telecom ecosystem allowing mobile network operators, phone users, and service providers to interact directly. They are currently in pre-ICO but will be holding their crowdsale from March to May, selling UMT tokens with a hard cap of 100 Million.

What Bubbletone hope to do is to eradicate archaic and overpriced telecom arrangements. It is a simple message and sometimes simplicity is key to the success of ICOs and business. The company has been operating within the telecoms field for a while now and was marketing a virtual sim allowing the use of other networks without being charge extortionate rates. This project is the next stop for their technology, whereby data can be altered and updated without swapping out sims and changing numbers. This will permit users on the Bubblestone service to use networks abroad at non-roaming rates. Once the user accepts, everything takes place across the blockchain with the currency and smart contract. There won’t be any need to visit a kiosk or a shop.

The tech looks good to us and the traction the business has made is solid. In general, the reception in the ICO market is good, and people see it as a worthy idea. The team has been traveling frequently, attending conferences and showing their dedication to the project by doing so. Investment should only be made after doing your own well-thought-out research: the project looks good, but deeper digging will be necessary to value its true worth.


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