ICOs This Week: Exmocoin, Blockshipping And Shivom ICO Review


Today on ICOs this Week, we talk about EXMOcoin a project for crypto investors, Blockshipping a freight container registry and Shivom a DNA data solution for medical marvels.

EXMOcoin – Is It Too Big To Fail?

EXMO, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, is launching a token sale to support the ambitious goal of adding a Margin Loan service to its platform. In order to cover traders’ demand for margin loans, as well as to enable the overall platform development, EXMO will attract additional investment capital by issuing its own tokens called EXMO Coin (EXO). The EXMO platform has been operating since 2013, and it is a cryptocurrency trading destination for over 1.3 million registered users from all around the world.

The pre-sale will begin on April 21st and will last through April 23rd. The minimum buyout is  EXO 50,000 with a 5% bonus guaranteed during the pre-sale. The main sale will go from April 26th until May 26th with a hard cap of $300 million. 1 USD will be equal to 1 EXO. *

EXMO is a large company that plans to grow by offering loans in cryptocurrencies to their users. They also plan on enabling investors to grow their crypto capital while staying confident about their investment security. It is very well laid out and well interlinked into the Exmo branding, with strong marketing and hype. The project’s main success lever is the belief that the market will keep growing in volume and investors numbers.

Documentation is light on the details of how they plan to spend half the money on becoming the biggest and best. They will be on the exchange for June and paying dividends shortly afterwards. It is unclear how they will go with other exchanges for listing as the token has the feel of a security which will make it difficult for some to host in legal terms. Given the current market, this project has a difficult road to go through; there’s fierce competition, expansion by other huge players and decentralized offerings, which could represent a challenge for EXMO in the future. If they perform well enough, in the long-term they may be able to overcome these challenges.

Blockshipping – The Global Shared Container Platform

Blockshipping is a platform aimed at the freight container registry field that will allow the industry to keep real-time track of all containers. It will allow all players in the shipping industry to perform a wide range of transactions related to the handling of containers. The GSCP ICO pre-sale just finished but their crowdsale begins on April 15th and will last until May 15th. The hard cap is set at $25 million.   

This project seeks to solve an issue that’s been present for years in the shipping industry. An impressive yet unavoidable amount of money and resources are burnt while moving empty shipping containers around the world when they can’t be utilized for the return. For many reasons, this has never been addressed but as the shipping industry gets ever tighter margins, there is a compulsion to find a solution.

This Danish project intends to find it. Being lead by seasoned shipping professionals, Blockshipping offers a blockchain solution that would address the major obstacles for companies to use a platform for general-use containers. The logic is compelling and if they can get traction, the savings delivered could make it invaluable for the shipping industry.

The business offering is very well thought out and presented in the whitepaper. The early backers illustrate a strong project that has attracted investment interest from professionals and they are concentrating on product, not hype or speculation. If they follow through to major adoption, this is an excellent showcase project for positive change in an existing industry from the world of blockchain and crypto funding. This project definitely has some potential for growth.

Shivom – The Next Era Of Genomics

Shivom is a unique project that plans on enabling DNA data donors to collaborate with revolutionary changemakers in biotechnology, the healthcare industry, and government-ordained research institutes to contribute to an unprecedented era of medical marvels. Through this platform, Shivom will offer an open marketplace for healthcare providers to add their apps and services, alongside genomic data analytics and personalized medicine. The crowdsale begins on April 16th and ends on May 15th. The OMX tokens are being offered by Shivom, with a hard cap of 75,000 Ether.

The project is structuring and positioning itself as a not-for-profit foundation, which would be essential to succeed across a wide base, and offers a truly decentralized solution. They have an impressive team and are committed to offering a product that could show great benefits in the future.

The offering is somewhat complicated to get through, which leaves some unanswered key points to anybody interested in becoming a part of this. The project lacks a key component, which is the token economics and the development of the business proposition. Shivom would need to implement a business logic to explain in detail how this idea will be implemented money-wise, otherwise it may never achieve its true potential.

*The crowdsale has changed to October 09th, 2018.

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