Verge Allegedly Suffers Another 51% Attack


The third time is a charm they say, but not for Verge Blockchain, which allegedly suffered another 51% attack. The privacy-focused cryptocurrency has experienced 2 similar attacks already this year. Hackers are exploiting a vulnerability on the Verge blockchain, leading to the theft of approximately $2.8 million dollars in Verge so far. Although they have responded by hard-forking their blockchain to try and solve this issue, hackers have managed to add a second algorithm to exploit the same vulnerability previously used.

The reports aired on BitcoinTalk forum when a user who had discovered the previous two attacks reported that Verge had suffered another one. Verge’s blockchain isn’t the only location hackers have targeted. Their Twitter account was also compromised in March. We will follow up on any developments in the story, but as of yet the Verge team has not confirmed the allegations.