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John McAfee Vs. Jamie Dimon: Who’s Right About Cryptos?

by Rida Fatima  Cryptocoins have been controversial since the beginning and they remain so. Even as Bitcoin, Ripple, Verge, and Ethereum have soared in value over...

Which Cryptocurrencies Are The Most Mentioned On Twitter?

Twitter is a very powerful tool for staying informed about the events of the moment and is used by people and companies to inform and...

Verge Allegedly Suffers Another 51% Attack

The third time is a charm they say, but not for Verge Blockchain, which allegedly suffered another 51% attack. The privacy-focused cryptocurrency has experienced...

Warning: Verge (VRG) Was Hacked

It’s been reported on Verge’s (XVG) Twitter account that their mining pools suffered a DDOS attack, resulting in a significant delay in their blocks....
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