MyEtherWallet Suffers Another Attack Through Hola Extension


Popular web-based wallet service MyEtherWallet announced this morning that an unknown number of users had their activities “monitored” by a Russian based IP address for a period of five hours in the past 24 hours.

The attack was not directed at MyEtherWallet, but at Hola; a free VPN service with nearly 50 million users; with those using the Hola extension to access wallets being spied upon.

Web surfers use VPNs to disguise their activities online and access content unavailable in their own territories. MyEtherWallet took to Twitter earlier today to urge Hola users who have accessed their wallets while using a Hola extension, to urgently move their funds to a new wallet to avoid losses.

Currently, there are no confirmed reports of funds being transferred maliciously from any MyEtherWallet user accounts, but it may be some time before everyone affected becomes aware of the breach.

While reminding all users to be vigilant, MyEtherWallet assured customers that only those who had accessed their wallets using the Hola extension need worry about these events.