Airdrops This Week: IRide, PingPaid And Gosama


This Is Airdrops This Week and today we have: iRide, PingPaid and Gosama.

iRide (IRIDE) Airdrop

iRide offers a Decentralized Application (Dapp) for the ride-share industry, enabling drivers to pay less than 5% commissions. By means of comparison, established players such as Uber and Lift take between 20%-25%.

iRide is airdropping 1,000 IRIDE tokens (~$50) to participants.

Token price during ICO: 1 IRIDE = 0.05 USD.
Airdrop started on: July 22, 2018.

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  1. Visit the airdrop form page.
  2. Fill in the form. You will need an email address, Telegram ID, your Facebook & Twitter & GitHub profile ID, and the address of your Ethereum-compatible wallet.
  3. Join all these Telegram channels:
  4. Like the Facebook.
  5. Follow the Twitter.
  6. Follow the GitHub.
  7. Watch videos, tap and subscribe to their Youtube Channel.

How to get additional tokens:

  1. Help grow the Telegram group and earn an additional 5 tokens (10 in total) when the channel reaches 25K subscribers.
  2. Enter the telegram group and set a question about IRIDE.

PingPaid (PPD) Airdrop

PingPaid is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solution to enable decentralized payments through its PPD token.

PingPaid is airdropping 500 PPD tokens (~$ 225) to airdrop participants. There is no participant cap.

Token price during ICO: 1 PPD = 0.000873 ETH.
Airdrop ends on September 30, 2018, or when allocated tokens run out.

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  1. Sign up for PingPaid.
  2. Join the PingPaid Telegram.
  3. Sign up for KickICO and complete the simple KYC.
  4. Vote for PingPaid.
  5. Take a screen capture of your vote and send to [email protected].

Gosama (GSM) Airdrop

Gosama offers a blockchain-based, sales management Omnichannel platform for the retail industry.

Gosama is airdropping up to 1000 GSM token points to airdrop participants and 200 GSM token points for every referral. The reward will depend on a ranking system which allows you to generate more tokens depending on the tasks you do. Ranks range from ‘Newbie’ to ‘Elite’. Anyone ranked under ‘Elite’ will get 10,000,000 Gosama tokens worth $3,000!.

Token price during ICO: 1 GSM = 0.0003 USD.

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  1. Download the Nexty wallet for Android or IOS.
  2. Create an account at Gosama and enter your details, including the Nexty wallet address which you got from the Nexty app.
  3. Verify your mail and log in.
  4. Join the Telegram group and Telegram channel by chatting with the bots.
  5. Follow the Gosama Twitter and retweet their pinned tweet.
  6. Like the Facebook page, tag 3 friends and share a post about Gosama with a link to the website and with the hashtag: #Gosama