Is EOS To Become A Victim Of Its Own Success?


During the time when EOS began its operations, it looked promising. In fact, this cryptocurrency was one of the most promising in the world since its operations began but right now the digital coin is having some challenges.

The problem with EOS seems to have originated from its team of developers,, even despite their many successes, like the launch of the EOS initial coin offering (ICO) last year.

The ICO raised about $4 billion at that time and had been much anticipated by the EOS investor community. But right now, changes in the landscape of decentralized technology are plaguing the digital coin.

The EOS coders

One of the main features that has made EOS more distinct is how has produced a way of managing the blockchain ecosystem. During the launch of its ICO, investors purchased some ERC-20 tokens and changed them to EOS cryptos from its platform.

Investors purchasing EOS are the ones who are liable to manage the ecosystem of EOS, according to the statement from a report by Coin Telegraph.

The developers are also building plans to ensure that the EOSIO platform supports apps in the digital currency which will be linked with the EOS tokens, and if more EOS tokens are placed in the app, then more resources will be made available.

Unsolved issues still persist

According to Github, there are hundreds of bugs and other issues that are yet to be solved following the launch of its official token in the market today. Some users or investors are also complaining about the EOS wallet.

Work is in progress to solve these issues, but now the most prominent issue yet to be solved is that the developers are making efforts to run the code which is already accessible and unrestricted to everyone right now, but the blockchain is not yet live.

EOS developers have projected a roadmap for solving these issues, which is to take the digital coin to a whole new level which has not been reached by other blockchain technologies. If the developers and investors of EOS can determine the most efficient way to run the cryptocurrency, it might help the blockchain to solve these pending issues.

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