How Verge (XVG) Plans To Reach Your Nearest Bank


Time is the only thing that can measure the magnitude of what Verge, the privacy-focused cryptocurrency, endeavors to achieve. In the meantime, you’d better be prepared to see a shop on your street corner that says “pay with XVG”.

Recently, after the flop of the Verge mega partnership, it seemed as if all was lost for Verge. But it has now become a billion-dollar entity. The price of  Verge (XVG) coin took a hit of 66% three months back, turning the leading mover among the top fifty traded cryptocurrencies.

But now it tends to be confident and hopeful about the future. Verge was providing users with a chance to change and transfer the money at lower costs and with full control of their funds. Though Verge prices are still hanging below the $1 level, still, things seem to be looking up for this crypto.

Despite the fallout of its mega partnership, XVG succeeded in catapulting other deals into the limelight. Being mysterious by dealing with Verge has become the new sexy cryptocurrency. The coin has been rising higher on the news for being quiet about it.

An anonymous peer-to-peer transactional ecosystem, TokenPay has tweeted that this partnership will open Verge currency to other partners in the business and financial sectors. And the journey to mainstream use is about to hit the freeway. It is also announced that TPAY and XVG debit cards are coming soon.

Why mass adoption is a thing of XVG

In fact, Token Pay (TPAY) plus Verge (XVG) means business. Indeed, this partnership could change crypto in a good way. Undoubtedly, many other significant coins might think themselves the best fit for it, but Verge’s appeal supersedes other competitors.

Untraceability and complete obfuscation of transactions via i2P and TOR make XVG ideal for the kind of privacy Mindgeek, a privately held company, is looking for. Other factors that put Verge on the ramp toward mass adoption are extremely low fees, a high volume coin supply, and faster transaction speed.

Besides, it allows its users to choose whether to transact on the social network or to go on the private route. This advantage makes XVG even more appealing to a broader industry.

How TokenPay completed the picture

TokenPay was the main crowdfunding contributor that enabled Verge to establish partnerships with Brazzers and Pornhub, among other privacy-seeking sites, securing the biggest deals so far.

Consequently, the deal between the two is expected to be mutually beneficial for both cryptocurrency projects. Undoubtedly, the deal to bring debit cards will change the landscape in favor of XVG and TPAY going forward and there’s widespread speculation that other big deals and initiatives are waiting to happen for this crypto.

What holders can expect from this all

Subsequently, the price of Verge (XVG) may not shoot up immediately. It will take time to lift up. Meanwhile, the current rate of Verge is $0.022490 per XVG, it may not reach $1 overnight against the US dollar but may hit that mark to some extent soon.

It is important to note that this coin has managed to recover its lost ground recording after getting hacked. Things looking good for this digital currency now, and will more likely get stronger moving forward. Verge is showing no signs of stopping!