Are Cryptocurrencies Better Than Fiat Currencies?


by Claus Jensen

Cryptocurrencies are basically a digital form of currency which can also be referred to as alternate currency. These digital currencies employ strong cryptographic encryption that can ensure a secure module of transactions. There are many investors that put money into cryptocurrencies with the intention of reeling in profit. Investors buy these cryptocurrencies through exchange platforms for normal or FIAT currencies. Many investors claim that cryptocurrencies are much more beneficial than FIAT currencies. These claims can be true since the cryptocurrencies provide more perks where FIAT currencies are just beneficial when you own it.

People are more interested to know about the cryptocurrencies and the advantages that they provide to the users. Cryptocurrencies have been gaining more public exposure over the last few months, compelling many to invest in this digital marvel. What are the factors that make cryptocurrencies more interesting than FIAT currencies? Here are some of the reasons:


Cryptocurrencies are decentralized which means there are no government authorities that decide the rules. Apart from that, any fluctuations in the government policies don’t affect the cryptocurrencies and their market. This makes it easier for the investors to secure their investment even if there are any changes in the business policies implemented by the government.

Secured transaction

The transactions of major cryptocurrencies are secured by blockchain technology which is a digital ledger or records, virtually impregnable by attackers. The system is so complex that the attacker has to perform multiple attacks on multiple devices at once. Hence the transactions of cryptocurrencies are secure and can be trusted.

Lower transaction fees

The transaction fees of many cryptocurrencies are low considering you may be transferring millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. There has been recorded a transaction where cryptocurrencies worth nearly $5 million dollars was transferred at a cost of only a couple of hundred dollars. This has made many investors and users keen about the applications of cryptocurrencies.

True currencies – cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies employ security measures to protect their integrity and the security of the users. Unlike FIAT currencies, cryptocurrencies cannot be corrupted because of the decentralization and security of the crypto coin. And as these cryptocurrencies are in digital form, it is next to impossible to duplicate them, unlike FIAT currencies.

Cryptocurrencies can be used everywhere

Nowadays cryptocurrencies have been adopted by many stores and businesses and are accepted in major places. Some businesses have strictly made their fund transactions via cryptocurrencies to ensure security and complete outcome. Cryptocurrencies are also now used in many stores and websites so that users could buy their products and services in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Here are some of the reasons that cryptocurrencies are more popular than FIAT currencies. Cryptocurrencies are proving to be a viable investment that can ensure a great future for the investors. After reading this, if you are looking to buy cryptocurrencies, then you can buy them from prominent Online Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms that will ensure the delivery of your cryptocurrencies.

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