The Latest ICO Trends Analysed July 2018 Overview

The Latest Ico Trends Analysed July 2018 Overview
geralt (CC0), Pixabay

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) continue their growing trend these days. Their power to raise money for diverse things is evident, and they provide investment windows and opportunities to millions of people around the world.

However, the ICO market is in constant flux every day although some trends occur over longer periods of time. Here are the most relevant developments in the industry for the past two months of 2018:

The top 5 ICOs by the amount of funds raised completed recently surpassed $20 million

ICO’s are still increasing, both in number (frequency,) applications and success. Of the top five ICOs sorted by amount of funds raised that were completed recently, all surpassed the $20 million mark.

Essentia topped the list at $25,500,000, closely followed by TravelBlock at $25,200,000. Atlantis Blue Digital checked in at third place with $23,900,000, while GoToken ($21,000,000) and VirUS ($20,000,000) were fourth and fifth, respectively.

All of them have different purposes, tokens, systems, methodologies, and applications in the blockchain industry. All of them, including some that didn’t make the top-5 cut, have proved to be successful ventures.

TaTaTu made it into the top 5 of fundraising ICOs

Recent ICO venture TaTaTu has been a resounding success, with $575,000,000 collected so far. It comfortably led all June 2018 ICOs, with HybridBlock being a distant second at $47,830,000 raised.

The most evident sign of its huge financial success has been making it into the top five ICOs of all time when judged by funds raised. Here is the list:

Top ICO by the amount of funds raised (all time)

#1 EOS $4,197,956,135

#2 Telegram Open Network $1,700,000,000

#3 TaTaTu $575,000,000

#4 Dragon $320,000,000

#5 HDAC $258,000,000

While TaTaTu is still far from EOS and Telegram Open Network, it surpassed Dragon and HDAC in the list, two of the most prominent ICO projects in the history of the field.

Estonia has the highest amount of ICOs per one million people

A great way to assess the ICO market is to look at how different countries behave. Each nation state has indicators, such as the number of ICOs, the number of ICOs per 1 million people, and the total sum of funds raised by the projects from the country, that help us make conclusions about recent trends.

One notable development is that Estonia is currently the nation with the most ICO projects per one million people, with 135.9. This goes to show that no matter how small a place or community is, it doesn’t affect the people’s willingness to embark on new financial adventures.

There have been 186 ICOs in Estonia so far. The country with the most total ICOs is the United States of America, with 492. The Americans also lead the table of nations with the most funds raised, with almost $7 billion.

However, countries such as Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, and Cyprus continue to defend their places in the top part of the list for hosting recent ventures in the ICO world.

Ethereum remains the gold standard when it comes to platforms

The Ethereum blockchain has already cemented its place as the top platform to host ICO projects around the world. In fact, more than 80% of ICOs are powered by Ethereum, with the exact number at 80.47%.

Waves and Stellar complete the podium of the most frequently used platforms. When it comes to the number of ICOs (3,114) and average funds raised ($5,110,026,) Ethereum is also the gold standard of the industry.

The ICO market rebounded in June after May and April’s hiatus

After raising an average of $14,224,403 per ICO in March 2018, the ICO market experienced a slight fall in April ($8,900,703) and May ($8,147,060), which was surprising considering the growing trend of ICOs in recent years.

However, the market got back on track in the month of June, with average funds raised standing at $13,726,642, more in line with the first semester of the year.