ICOs This Week: A New Wave Of Medical Tech, The Savior Of Green Energy, And More


This week we have a look at 3 new ICOs that are hot on the market right now: Medichain, WePower, and Remme.

Medichain: saving lives with blockchain

First up for this week we have Medichain, a promising new ICO in the field of medicine. Their token in MCU, of which there will be 500 million being offered for sale. The tokens will have an exchange rate of one MCU to 25 American cents. They have already had their pre-sale, which sold out completely, and things are already looking quite good for them. The hard cap in place is $24 million and the crowdsale will begin at 10pm on 1st February. There is a whitelisting in place as well as KYC (Know Your Customer); strangely enough, the KYC will come into place after the ICO.

The whole idea behind Medichain is using the blockchain to make medical records more secure, and in doing so, reduce costs. In this project, blockchain technology is used as a secure location for the storage of medical records. Impressively, they have already secured a partnership with the British National Health Service. In addition to this, they have a product on the line called Telemedicine which may ease the lives of doctors and patients alike. The app allows remote consultations with GP’s and other professionals, and the payment of these appointments is done so with the MCU token. As well as the Telemedicine app, their tech branch is working on a medical wristband which can be accessed in an emergency to look at a patient’s medical files.

The project has a significant amount of traction: they have accumulated 16,000 followers on Telegram as well as 6000 followers on Twitter. There is a decent amount of buzz around this ICO and their social media team has clearly been putting some work in. The fact that they have already partnered up with a big player in the industry speaks well for the project. The core idea behind their ICO is solid, and the aim to reduce costs in healthcare is something that I’m sure will be welcomed with open arms by the medical industry. Similar projects in the medical sphere include MedicBloc, and Patientory. Both of these projects have a similar idea and have done very well for themselves since being listed on the exchange. If Medichain don’t encounter any unwanted bumps along the way, then they may find themselves in a favorable spot just like these companies.

WePower: funding green energy development

WePower, the second ICO that we’re examining this week, is concerned with the funding of green energy development. The token they’re introducing is the WPR token, where one Ether will buy you 4600 of the new currency. The crowdsale will begin on February 1st, and there is a strict KYC policy and whitelisting in place. The hard cap for the project is $35 Million. The ICO in question is all about the growing problem with green energy projects finding it hard to obtain funding for their ventures. It is extremely difficult for some projects to successfully secure funding through traditional methods. WePower intends to provide a solution to this problem. They have put in place a way to allow a project to offer its future energy capacity up for auction by using a secondary token, where one token equals one kilowatt hour.

The team involved in this ICO are experienced in the energy market, and they have a lot of attention directed towards their product. The interest is real, and they have already established partnerships with Estonia, Latvia and some power companies as well. It’s clear from their involvement with other organizations that they may bring about a real change in the green energy market. PowerLedger, another ICO that are in the energy market, has also generated a lot of interest despite being based on traditional energy. There is clearly an appetite for energy moving across traditional sectors.

There is money to be made here and, on the short-term they look great for flipping and have the potential for a great return on your investment. As for the long-term, it looks like they have a good chance for sustained positive growth. However, if you look further into it, something doesn’t quite add up: the figures offered within the project for ROI are only around the 10% mark, which doesn’t seem like the risk is worth the reward. Obviously, these numbers will not be spot on, so it is up to the individual whether they decide to invest or not. If you believe in the power of this ICO, then go right ahead.

Remme: remember me and throw away your password

Last but not least, we have Remme. One billion REM tokens are being offered up for sale in the market with the value of each token being 4 American cents. The pre-sale has been and gone, resulting in a highly respectable figure of $1.8 million. The hard cap, which includes the pre-sale, is $20 Million. The sale begins on the 13th February. The main pitch for this ICO is a beautifully simple solution for businesses that remove the need for passwords within a company. It employs the use of SSL encrypted keys held on their own blockchain to provide a substitute for traditional passwords.

This idea seems to have great potential and is great in delivery as it removes the danger of people forgetting, selling, or accidentally giving out their passwords. The great thing about this product is that, if the network is hacked, it’s only hacked on one machine, not the entire corporate network. There is far less risk for a company if this system is put in place. This ICO has gained substantial traction. Their team has been doing the rounds, getting their voice heard by those who might invest. The team stacks up and is very impressive.

The cherry on top is that they already have large corporate customers acting as pilots for the password system, and the product is working already in a demonstration mode. A move like this will definitely light a fire under the chairs of many IT managers in corporate companies. The short-term looks good, maybe not a project that is ideal for a quick flip but with the solidity of their ICO and the strength of their product they definitely look like they’re on the right track.


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