ICO Review: GetDoIt – Relocation Assistance With Smart Contracts

A Complete Guide To Monero Trading
A Complete Guide To Monero Trading

Due to technological advances in communications, the world has become unprecedentedly mobile and multi-integrated causing people to move constantly from one place to another for different reasons. In the case of Europe, moving has increased exponentially because the political agreements reached by the European Community made in the last 10 years mean that European states have melted together, giving more facilities to their citizens to move freely through their borders. Despite all this, there are some ‘barriers’ to break when a move is made because of the time and money required to search for contractors who may not have references.

GetDoit is a platform specialized in the moving processes, which combines all the related services for removals, from transportation to a specialist to assemble and disassemble furniture. It works with smart contracts to execute payment at the moment of the service is complete and has a valuation and comments system that makes it easier to hire contractors that are reliable and with good valuations. GetDoIt is registered in Australia and is carrying out an ICO to be able to finance its business model.

Main features

  • Users will have access to an all-in-one user-friendly platform that offers all services related with moving: transportation and logistics, moving, repair, assembling (or disassembling) of furniture and household appliances, renovation, remodeling, repairs and maintenance
  • Users can make specific requests (one or more task), contractors find them and make an offer to the user if the request fits with their services
  • Users can rate and comment on the contractor’s services and also will have access to rating and comments of the previous work done by contractors and service providers
  • In the registration process, the contractors and users will go through a prior validation (KYC) before being able to use the benefits of the platform, with the purpose of verifying that the person is real and identifiable
  • Contractors and service providers will receive payment when the services are concluded satisfactorily for the client thanks to the smart contracts
  • Services will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Australia and are aiming to be opened worldwide
Ico Review: Getdoit – Relocation Assistance With Smart Contracts
How the GetDoIt service works, source: getdoit.io

Token information

  • Token name = GetDoIt
  • Acronym = GET
  • Platform = Ethereum ERC20
  • Max. Number of tokens = 14,285,714,285
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted = ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
  • FIAT accepted = USD
  • Soft cap = €1,000,000
  • Hard cap = €4,000,000

The maximal total GET token supply is set at 252 million GET: 100 million GET can be emitted during the private presale and 152 million GET during the crowd sale.

  • Max. Number of tokens = 10 000 000 000
  • Use on Platformt = 9,640,000,000
  • Token distribution = 360 000 000
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted = ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, Dash, ETC, BTG

Token distribution

  • ICO = 100,000,000 – 35%
  • Pre-ICO = 152,000,000 – 35%
  • Team =  36,000,000 – 10%
  • Legal = 36,000,000 – 10%
  • Reserve = 36,000,000 – 10%

By ICO, Token price = $0,015 to $0,0286


NOTE: to guarantee that percentages remain the same, the token quantity can vary depending on if tokens offered on ICO are not sold completely.

Ico Review: Getdoit – Relocation Assistance With Smart Contracts
GetDoIt token distribution, source: getdoit.io


  • Starts = June 1st, 2018
  • Ends = September 30st, 2018
  • Token price = $0,010


  • Starts = October 1st, 2018
  • Closes = November 25th, 2018
  • Token price = $0,015 to $0,030

NOTE: the token price depends on the purchase date.

Ico Review: Getdoit – Relocation Assistance With Smart Contracts
GetDoIt token price and bonus, source: getdoit.io

The leading team

  • Pavel Topchiy – CEO
  • Sergius Penkow
  • Eugen Tomaili
  • Andriy Fursov


The value proposition of GetDoIt is original and there are no other similar projects with the same business model. There are many ICOs that are developing logistics platforms based in blockchain but these are mainly focused on international trade. There is only one platform called SLOGN Logistics that has a similar idea but is focused on B2B.

Social media presence

Additional information


GetDoIt has an original value proposition which no ICO or existing platform has implemented. Having a platform available which brings together all removal services, with rating and comments available for contractors, will save time and money for users who are relocating, whatever the reason.