C3C Whitepaper – Connecting Content Creators, Advertisers And Consumers


Announcement – C3C Unveils Whitepaper

The advertising industry will be one of the first to be disrupted by blockchain. The C3C Whitepaper, released today, details how this new platform will connect content creators, advertisers and consumers in an equal partnership that will benefit all three points of the economic chain.

C3C will achieve this by

1. Empowering consumers to directly reward content creators with the C3C Token

2. Allowing consumers to tokenize their own data, giving them the power to decide when and where to share their own personal information

3. Taking intermediaries out of the relationship between advertisers and consumers, thereby saving cost, time and frustration

Online advertising is broken. Consumers are clicking away from ad-heavy sites, and content creators are suffering as a result. The advertisement-led economic model that has dominated online content for the past two decades has stagnated as advertisers struggle against click-bots and a jaded browsing public.

Meanwhile, consumer data has been mishandled by the very corporations they have entrusted with its safe-keeping. Understandably, the public is more reticent now to impart the data required by the advertising industry for better-targeted ads.

A new triangular relationship between consumers, advertisers, and content creators is needed. C3C explains how this plan will come to fruition in the pages of its whitepaper.

And to celebrate the release of the Whitepaper, C3C are giving a pre-sale bonus of 30% instead of 25% until August 1st, 2018 (min. investment $5,000)

You can read more about C3C here, connect on

You Tube

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