ArticleX ICO Review: Enabling The Monetization Of Blogging

Articlex Ico Review: Enabling The Monetization Of Blogging
Articlex Ico Review: Enabling The Monetization Of Blogging

The internet is full of blogs. Travel, cooking, history, bonsai care, dog grooming, magic, etc. You can find a blog about anything and everything out on the wild web.

People write millions of words every day, uploading content to their chosen blogging site for fun, personal satisfaction, or in some cases, business.

The key issue with blogging is that, despite the time and effort invested, a relatively minor number of people actually make money out of it. The vast majority must resign to simply see their blog posted on a site and hope others will find it and read it.

ArticleX is a new ICO that comes in with a brave idea: to enable the monetization of content for avid bloggers, and give community users the chance to find and buy the content they want to read.

ArticleX: good content, from mind to blockchain

The ArticleX platform caters for two distinct sides. Publishers can upload their content and receive payment relative to traffic, while visitors can use tokens to purchase some of that content, sign up to premium blogs, and other aspects. The platform will enable publishers to create their own blogging sites, and earn revenue through a number of channels:

  • ADs network
  • Private ADs sale
  • Sell Box
  • Premium blog subscription
  • Donation box
  • Sharing fund

The ArticleX platform also includes an integrated wallet and exchange so users can manage their currencies.

ArticleX in figures & quick facts

  • Token name – ARTX
  • Total amount of tokens issued – 5bn
  • Token price – 1 ARTX = $0.02
  • Pre-ICO start date – May 15, 2018
  • Pre-ICO end date – May 31, 2018
  • ICO start date – June 15, 2018
  • ICO end date – August 20, 2018
  • Soft cap – $5m
  • Hard cap – $30m


  • Accepted payment methods are: BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC.
  • All unsold tokens will be destroyed after the ICO

Bonus Program

ArticleX will run a Bonus Program, which will run thus:

  • Pre-ICO (May 15 – May 31 2018) = 50% Bonus
  • ICO Round One (June 15 – July 10) = 30% Bonus
  • ICO Round Two (July 11 – July 31) = 20% Bonus
  • ICO Round Three (August 1 – August 20) = 10% Bonus

ArticleX airdrop: there will be an airdrop spread out over five rounds. Click here to view details.

Referral program: ArticleX features a Referral program. Consult the Whitepaper for more details.

The ARTX token

The ArticleX token (ARTX), based on the Ethereum ERC-20 Standard, will be distributed as follows:

Articlex Ico Review: Enabling The Monetization Of Blogging

  • Token sale – 58%
  • Airdrop – 10%
  • Reserve – 18%
  • Team – 9%
  • Advisors and Partners – 5%

The team

Learn more about the ArticleX team here.

Social media presence and digital footprint

Here are the numbers for ArticleX at the time of writing (early May 2018).

  • Twitter – 26k followers
  • Facebook – 16k followers
  • Telegram – 33k followers

This ICO has a significant presence on social media at this point, which gives it a distinct advantage.


There are a number of other ICOs that offer content monetization capabilities. iShook, Publica, and Rakugo, to name but a few.

ArticleX will enter a somewhat (but not overly) crowded market, which means competition will be tough.

This ICO does include a good number of monetization capabilities through ads and premium subscription, however, which make give it a more competitive edge.

Consult the Articlex Whitepaper for more information about the platform, additional
features and services, etc.


ArticleX offers a good alternative for bloggers, fostering the creation of good content through its platform.

The monetization incentive is key, so avid bloggers and publishers can, at last, see a return on their investment.

Other publishing platforms already exist, so it remains to be seen whether or not ArticleX survives in the long run.