CryptoKitties Releases Honu Kitty In First Ever Blockchain Charity Event To Benefit Oceans And Wildlife


Vancouver, July 9th, 2018: CryptoKitties, in partnership with ACTAI Global and Ocean Elders, has created Honu, the world’s first sea-loving CryptoKitty. This purrfect environmental ambassador will be auctioned off in a charity fundraiser to help protect the planet’s ocean.

Honu’s auction was officially kicked off today at the Blockchain Summit in Morocco; the leading blockchain event for global good that highlights the most innovative blockchain initiatives of the year. The summit is hosted annually by the Bitfury Group and ACTAI Global.


– The world’s first CryptoKitty auction to raise funds and awareness for a unique environmental cause

– A one-of-a-kind piece of digital art living exclusively on the Ethereum Blockchain; a priceless asset for gamers and art collectors

– Auction bidding opens on July 9th, 5am ET. Previous auctions have raised over $140,000 USD per Kitty

Honu’s auction is the first of a series of charitable environmental events co-sponsored by CryptoKitties, the world’s most successful consumer product built on blockchain technology, Venture Capitalist Bill Tai, ACTAI Global’s non-profit community, and conservationists Gigi Brisson, Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Sylvia Earle, and others of Ocean Elders.

The CryptoKitty Honu is 100% adorable and eminently collectible—part cat, part turtle, all CryptoKitty. Honu’s compelling origin story as a charitable initiative illustrates the power of blockchain technology and unique digital art to reinvent and inspire charitable giving while contributing to global change.

“We are so excited to see Honu in the wild—one part activist, telling stories of our endangered friends, and another part pop culture icon, stealing the spotlight to combine both worlds for greater good,” says Cassidy Robertson, head of Kitties-for-Good, CryptoKitties’ charitable initiative. “The very first in a lineage of CryptoKitty icons representing the charities and causes they embody.”

“This campaign bridges CryptoKitties’ blockchain game with capital raises that will benefit the planet’s ocean and wildlife,” says Bill Tai, co-founder of the Blockchain Summit in Morocco. “It unites the 800,000 CryptoKitties that have been born, the global technology, crypto, and investment communities with environmentalists and foundations dedicated to preserving our planet’s natural habitats.”

Honu is a fantastic oceanic ambassador for marine ecology awareness. There will never be another CryptoKitty quite like Honu, nor another opportunity to fund this charity offering through its tax deductible release.

This auction is a ground-breaking opportunity for gamers, technologists, investors, and environmentalists to collaborate, simultaneously having fun and enacting change as one globally connected community.

Proceeds from the Honu auction will support the work of Unite BVI, in the British Virgin Islands and Operation Jairo, spearheaded by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in Antigua and Barbuda protecting endangered sea turtles during mating, from poachers and from illegal harvesting.

Auction opens Monday, July 9 th 5am ET and ends midnight Sunday, July 15th.  Make a bid, learn more, or get support. Payments accepted in ETH or its fiat equivalent at the close of auction. The winning donation is tax deductible.

Kick-off live stream broadcast:

The auction launch and Conservation Panel on the Honu initiative will be streamed live from Blockchain Summit in Morocco. Leading the charge will be Jody Rebak of CryptoKitties, Gigi Brisson of Ocean Elders, and Bill Tai of ACTAI Global.

About CryptoKitties:

The world’s leading crypto-collectible game, loved by devoted communities of super-users from around the world. With 800,000 cats created, 75,000 sold for a combined $24m, and accountable for 25% of Ethereum traffic at its peak, the game has captured the world’s imagination by bringing consumer interest to the blockchain in a dramatic new way.

About ACTAI Global:

A registered 501(c)3 supporting active, technology-enabled environmental conservation and positive social change. ACTAI’s worldwide community is comprised of accomplished Athletes, Conservationists, Technologists, Artists and Innovators who share a common vision and collaborate via active and experience-based gatherings around the world. Our values are defined by our vows.

About Ocean Elders:

Ocean Elders, a registered 501(c)3, is an independent group of global leaders joined together to protect the ocean and its wildlife. They collaborate with influential leaders in pursuit of ocean protection, biodiversity, and nature itself. Sir Richard Branson, Jackson Browne, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Ted Turner, HM Queen Noor, and many other leading environmental advocates are among their active membership.

About The Blockchain Summit:

The Blockchain Summit is hosted annually by the Bitfury Group and venture capitalist Bill Tai of ACTAI Global. The summit welcomes global influencers to a riveting discussion about the world-changing applications of blockchain. Traditionally held on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, this exclusive summit has catalyzed leading blockchain initiatives like the Blockchain Alliance, the Blockchain Trust Accelerator and the Global Blockchain Business Council.