Coca-Cola’s Masterpiece NFT Collection Achieves Astounding $543,660 In Merely 3 Days


In just three days, Coca-Cola’s new ‘Masterpiece’ NFT collection has achieved an impressive earning of $543,660. This curated collection of digital artwork, endorsed by Coca-Cola, gained significant attention and popularity during Coinbase’s “Onchain Summer” event. Over 80,000 collectors eagerly acquired eight distinct digital works, which juxtapose renowned classics with contemporary creations from emerging talents. This foray into the non-fungible token (NFT) space marks another milestone for Coca-Cola, following its previous initiatives, including the auction of NFT memorabilia and the commemoration of Pride Month. With the ability to establish ownership and authenticity, these NFTs continue to captivate collectors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

Coca-Colas Masterpiece NFT Collection Earns $543,660 in 3 Days

Coca-Cola’s ‘Masterpiece’ NFT Collection Earns $543,660 in 3 Days

Coca-Cola’s latest venture into the non-fungible token (NFT) space has proven to be a success, with their ‘Masterpiece’ collection generating an impressive $543,660 in earnings over the course of just three days. This curated collection of digital artwork, endorsed by Coca-Cola, was released as part of Coinbase’s ‘Onchain Summer’ event, which celebrated the emergence of the Base blockchain. The collection garnered significant interest, attracting over 80,000 collectors who eagerly acquired the eight distinct digital works available.

Introduction to Coca-Cola’s ‘Masterpiece’ NFT Collection

The ‘Masterpiece’ collection represents Coca-Cola’s foray into the world of NFTs, offering collectors a unique opportunity to own digital works of art endorsed by the iconic beverage brand. The collection features a combination of revered classics, such as Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” along with contemporary creations from emerging talents like Fatma Ramadan, Aket, Vikram Kushwah, Stefania Tejada, and WonderBuhle. The release of this collection highlights Coca-Cola’s commitment to collaborating with the artistic community and embracing new technological innovations.

Coca-Colas Masterpiece NFT Collection Earns $543,660 in 3 Days

The ‘Masterpiece’ Collection and the Coinbase ‘Onchain Summer’ Event

Coinbase’s ‘Onchain Summer’ event served as the platform for the launch of Coca-Cola’s ‘Masterpiece’ collection. This event was dedicated to celebrating the emergence of the Base blockchain and attracted a significant number of collectors and enthusiasts eager to acquire the NFTs on offer. Over the course of 72 hours, more than 80,000 collectors participated in the event, resulting in the impressive earnings of $543,660. The collaboration between Coca-Cola and Coinbase highlights the growing significance of NFTs in the digital art world and the increasing interest from mainstream brands.

The Artists and Artworks in the Collection

The ‘Masterpiece’ collection features a diverse range of artists and artworks, spanning both classical and contemporary styles. From iconic works like Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” to emerging artists like Fatma Ramadan, the collection showcases the talent and creativity of a wide range of artists. This combination of timeless classics and cutting-edge contemporary pieces offers collectors a unique and varied selection of digital artworks to choose from.

Coca-Cola’s History of Collaboration with the Artistic Community

Coca-Cola has a long history of collaborating with the artistic community, with the ‘Masterpiece’ collection serving as the latest example of their commitment to supporting and promoting art. Throughout the years, Coca-Cola has worked with various artists and designers to create visually captivating and inspiring campaigns. This collaboration with the artistic community allows Coca-Cola to tap into the creativity and innovation of artists and bring their unique visions to the world.

Coca-Cola’s Previous NFT Initiatives

The ‘Masterpiece’ collection is not Coca-Cola’s first venture into the world of NFTs. In 2021, Coca-Cola auctioned its inaugural NFT memorabilia on International Friendship Day, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Special Olympics International. This initiative aimed to leverage the growing popularity of NFTs to support a worthy cause while also engaging collectors and enthusiasts in the digital art space. Additionally, in July 2022, Coca-Cola commemorated Pride Month by unveiling 136 cherished NFT mementos, further showcasing their dedication to embracing new technologies and engaging with diverse communities.

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Acquiring and Owning the ‘Masterpiece’ NFTs

Collectors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can acquire the ‘Masterpiece’ NFTs through online marketplaces that support NFT transactions. These marketplaces provide a platform for buying, selling, and trading digital assets, including NFTs. Once acquired, the NFTs represent ownership of the specific artwork and serve as a digital certificate of authenticity. The blockchain ensures the uniqueness and scarcity of each NFT, thereby adding value and collectability to the artworks. Owning a ‘Masterpiece’ NFT allows collectors to become part of Coca-Cola’s digital art legacy and enjoy the exclusivity and prestige associated with owning a unique digital artwork.

McDonald’s Singapore’s Exploration of NFTs

Coca-Cola is not the only major brand exploring the world of NFTs. McDonald’s Singapore recently embarked on its own NFT journey, featuring the McDonaldland mascot Grimace. The collaboration between McDonald’s and Bandwagon Labs, a firm involved in the Bitcoin industry, resulted in the creation of an exclusive series of 2,000 digital collectibles designed by the NFT artist The Hidden Walls. This exploration of NFTs by McDonald’s demonstrates the growing trend of mainstream brands leveraging digital assets to engage with their audience and create unique and memorable experiences.

The Collaboration between Bandwagon Labs and The Hidden Walls

Bandwagon Labs, a company with a strong presence in the Bitcoin industry, collaborated with the NFT artist The Hidden Walls to bring McDonald’s Singapore’s NFT project to life. The Hidden Walls designed an exclusive series of 2,000 digital collectibles featuring the McDonaldland mascot Grimace, which were made available through the McDonald’s app. This collaboration between Bandwagon Labs and The Hidden Walls showcases the synergy between technology, art, and brand partnerships, highlighting the endless possibilities that NFTs offer in terms of creative expression and engagement.


Coca-Cola’s ‘Masterpiece’ NFT collection has proven to be a resounding success, generating impressive earnings and capturing the attention of collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. This collection represents Coca-Cola’s commitment to collaboration with the artistic community and their willingness to embrace new technologies and innovations. With the rise of NFTs in the art world, major brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are venturing into the digital realm, offering unique and exclusive experiences for their audience. The success of the ‘Masterpiece’ collection serves as a testament to the growing influence and appeal of NFTs in the world of art and commerce.