McDonald’s Presents Limited-Edition Grimace NFTs For Collectors


In a unique collaboration, McDonald’s Singapore has partnered with Bandwagon Labs and NFT artist ‘The Hidden Walls’ to release exclusive Grimace digital collectibles. These soulbound tokens can be minted for free but cannot be traded or transferred. The limited edition collection of 2,000 unique Grimace NFTs will be available through the McDonald’s Singapore app starting from August 31. By leveraging the popularity of NFTs and the nostalgia surrounding the Grimace character, McDonald’s aims to connect with fans and demonstrate its commitment to innovation.

McDonald’s Offers Exclusive Grimace NFTs

Greetings, dear readers! We have some exciting news for all the NFT enthusiasts out there. McDonald’s Singapore has partnered with Bandwagon Labs, a crypto infrastructure startup, and ‘The Hidden Walls,’ a talented NFT artist, to bring you the exclusive Grimace NFT collection. These one-of-a-kind digital collectibles are soulbound tokens and keepsakes that can be minted for free. However, they come with a unique twist – they cannot be traded or transferred. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting collaboration and what it means for you.


Collaboration with Bandwagon Labs and ‘The Hidden Walls’

To make this project a reality, McDonald’s Singapore teamed up with Bandwagon Labs, a startup focused on crypto infrastructure. Together, they joined forces with NFT artist ‘The Hidden Walls’ to create a collection of unique Grimace NFTs. This collaboration showcases the intersection of art, technology, and the iconic McDonald’s brand, bringing something truly special to the NFT landscape.

Free Collection Available from August 31

Mark your calendars, because starting from August 31, you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands on this exclusive Grimace NFT collection. The collection features 2,000 unique Grimaces, each with its own distinct design and charm. And the best part? These NFTs will be available for free! All you need is the McDonald’s Singapore app, and you’re ready to start your NFT journey.

McDonalds Offers Exclusive Grimace NFTs

NFTs Minted on Polygon

The NFTs in the Grimace collection will be minted on the Polygon blockchain. This choice brings several benefits, including faster transaction times and lower fees. To mint your NFTs, you’ll need to connect your Digital Collectibles wallet via MetaMask or web3auth and simply click ‘mint now.’ McDonald’s has chosen Polygon for its scalability and commitment to providing a seamless user experience.

Soulbound Tokens

One of the unique features of the Grimace NFT collection is that the tokens are soulbound. This means that once you own an NFT from this collection, it cannot be traded or transferred on secondary markets. While this may differ from the usual practice in the NFT space, it adds an element of exclusivity and rarity to the Grimace NFTs. Each NFT becomes a digital keepsake that represents your connection to the McDonald’s brand.

McDonalds Offers Exclusive Grimace NFTs

Limited to One Redemption per Account

To ensure fairness and accessibility, the Grimace NFT collection is limited to one redemption per account. This means that each account holder can only mint and own one NFT from this collection. By implementing this limit, McDonald’s Singapore aims to give everyone an equal opportunity to be a part of this innovative experience.

McDonald’s Singapore’s Dedication to Innovation

McDonald’s Singapore has shown a strong dedication to embracing innovation and staying at the forefront of technological advancements. The launch of the Grimace NFT collection is yet another testament to their commitment to exploring new frontiers. By entering the world of NFTs, McDonald’s is engaging with a growing audience that values digital ownership and unique experiences.

McDonalds Offers Exclusive Grimace NFTs

Previous NFT Collaborations by McDonald’s

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has dipped its toes into the world of NFTs. In a series of previous collaborations, McDonald’s has showcased its creativity and willingness to adapt to changing trends. For instance, the chain partnered with The Sandbox to create McNuggets Land, an Ethereum metaverse game in Hong Kong. In France, McDonald’s launched digital art pieces featuring popular menu items under the hashtag ‘McDoNFT.’ Additionally, McDonald’s celebrated its 31st anniversary in the Chinese market with an NFT collection and created NFTs to honor the 40th anniversary of the McRib in the United States. These initiatives demonstrate McDonald’s eagerness to explore the possibilities of NFTs across different markets.

In conclusion, McDonald’s Singapore, in collaboration with Bandwagon Labs and ‘The Hidden Walls,’ is offering a unique and exclusive Grimace NFT collection. By minting these soulbound tokens, McDonald’s fans can own a piece of digital art that symbolizes their connection to the iconic brand. Remember, the collection will be available for free from August 31 through the McDonald’s Singapore app. This limited-time offer presents an exciting opportunity to engage with NFTs and be a part of McDonald’s innovative journey. So, get ready to embark on this NFT adventure and secure your own piece of McDonald’s history!