ICOs This Week: LiveTree Wants To Modernize Film And Television, Stampify – Blockchain To Corporate Governance And PM7 – Affiliate Marketing On The Blockchain


This week CCN has a look at three new ICOs in the fields of Entertainment, Corporate Governance, and new ICO payment methods.

LiveTree Adept – Owning the Future of Entertainment

LiveTree Adept, a digital media startup that is already well entrenched in its field, is seeking to build a new entertainment platform based on blockchain technology. They have been around for the past 2 years and have already gained 5% of the crowdfunding market in the UK, but see blockchain as a way to further progress their idea. Their token, SEED, is Ethereum based and the ICO crowdsale will take place from the 7th to the 21st of January.  The presale, which closed on the 20th of December, has already been and gone. There will be a total supply of 256 Million, 80% of which will go on sale. Any unsold tokens will be destroyed.

The actual product is a media platform on the blockchain that seeks to compete with large, already well-established companies like Netflix and Hulu. Livetree wants to modernize Film and Television by introducing smart contracts that mitigate any need for agents and lawyers. Their content distribution will be handled by their Blossom platform, one similar to Youtube with additional Blockchain features. The programming on Blossom TV will see that the projects that are most popular and that are supported by users pledging SEED will see the light of day, creating a system by which programs are selected to be produced by popular demand.

LiveTree has solid partnerships with both Red Rock and BFI (British Film Institute) which adds to the solid foundation that LiveTree have already grounded themselves with. Red Rock is a film finance company also based in the UK that has a similar product to LiveTree, however, they are not involved in Blockchain. Their expertise and experience in the area of Film and TV should be useful for LiveTree. LiveTree’s partnership with the BFI should also prove to be invaluable, their relevance in the field of media and their strong Twitter following (750,000) can only be beneficial to LiveTree. The idea that LiveTree has huge potential but will likely be a slow burner, this is a long-term investment and should be examined carefully if you decide to support their cause.

Stampify – Bringing the Blockchain to Corporate Governance

Stampify is an Estonian based ICO that is focused on shaking up the archaic, unchanged practices of corporate governance. The token is STAMP and the sale ICO sale runs from the 1st to the 30th of January, there doesn’t look like there will be any presale on this one. It is Ethereum based, like the previous ICO, with a soft cap of $375,000 and a hard cap at $112,000,000.

Stampify is a software product that is meant to bring corporate governance to the 21st century. They are backed by an impressive team who have a wealth of experience in operations management, strategy and blockchain engineering. The software offers a new way to initiate corporate decisions and resolve issues remotely that would otherwise require the physical presence of the parties involved. Stampify uses blockchain technology verification methods that allow corporate matters to be dealt with just by clicking a button on the website or app, speeding up day to day decisions significantly. The product also comes with the support of lawyers that can aid you in your resolutions and give you the knowledge you need to make sure you have an appropriate outcome. These support features are paid with STAMPs to provide specific and local support “ensuring compliance with local jurisdictions”.

The team behind Stampify are definitely qualified and the whole ICO itself is very well put together. It is an impressive and legitimate looking project and the sky’s the limit if they can get this product off the ground. The success of this project is riding on how well the software itself works, and how much it can improve the decision-making process in corporate governance. If I was looking to invest in this project I would be thoroughly examining the demo of the product they provide to see just how well it works and if it truly is a game changer for corporate governance in the 21st Century.

PM7 – Affiliate marketing on the Blockchain

The last ICO featured this week is PM7, a decentralized innovative affiliate marketing platform that claims that it will “Radically challenge the advertising world for online and offline projects”.

There will be 1,000,000,000 tokens issued, simply called PM7s and the ICO will be running from the 17th of December 2017 all the way into the 4th of March 2018. No soft cap exists on this ICO and the hard cap will be $12,500,000.

The core idea behind PM7 is the aim to reduce a distance between ICO creators and their customers or investors, this eliminates any need for the use of third-party companies such as advertising agencies, marketing firms as well as PR agencies. Whether or not you think this is good for the initial coin marketplace as a whole, PM7 intends to apply multi-level marketing procedures to the promotion of ICOs. What PM7 does, in a nutshell, is provide an easier way for potential investors to put their money into their preferred ICO, PM7 offers a core functionality that allows its users to place their ICO in a catalog. Within this catalog, users can use their PM7 token to invest in and support whatever ICO they are interested in. The platform also has different levels of commissions for participants, users will receive these bonuses in the form of the PM7 token for the referral of other users to the platform while project owners will receive income from distributing their ICO.

The success of this ICO is, quite obviously, based on the adoption of this payment method for ICOs. The potential is there but you would want to look at a widespread change for it to really succeed on the level that PM7 believe it can reach. As always, take some time and do some self-guided research. An educated decision is usually the best one.

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