ICOS This Week: Fighting Counterfeit Drugs, A New Big Brother? And Adhive.TV AI Marketing!


Another week, another ICO roundup. This week we look at three new ICOs in the Pharmaceutical, Video Surveillance, and Marketing sectors.

FarmaTrust: fighting counterfeit drugs

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First up this week we have FarmaTrust, a global tracking system for big pharmaceutical companies which provides that extra level of security to all parties involved. Their crowdsale starts on 15th of February, the whitelist is open and they have a hard cap of $45m with each of their FFT tokens being worth $0.125. There are 600 million of these tokens being offered from a total pool of a billion.

FarmaTrusts aim is to make absolutely sure that counterfeit drugs do not enter the supply chain and to inject a solidity and efficiency into the whole process. There are two key pieces of legislation that support the idea: The Drug Supply Chain Security Act and the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FDM). This legislation will make it a legal obligation for Pharma companies to track, verify, and be held responsible for their products in the near future. Because of this, FarmaTrust is well positioned to provide a product which solves these issues.

The team for FarmaTrust is looking good: a solid organization backed by decent depth and experience in the Pharmaceuticals industry. Their blockchain team may need to improve slightly for them to be a big success but they’re bound to get an upgrade in that department as they grow and get more funding. The project has been gathering some positive traction, their Telegram is an active channel, and they have been very open and responsive. We think that this project is not only good for providing budding investors with a short-term flip, but they also look good enough to hang in for the long haul. One thing to note that may sway you either way: there was a 40% discount for the initial investors so there is the potential danger of a dump. All in all, we like this ICO and it will be one to watch.

Faceter: monetizing big brother for every user

Faceter is the second ICO that we’re having a look at this week. Faceter’s main pitch is to make CCTV more useful. Their product lets cameras join the fog network and move data securely, and provide facial recognition to the businesses and institutions where they have cameras installed. They had a pre-ICO on the 1st February, going all the way to the end of the month. Their main crowdsale is coming up in March, during which they will sell their FACE tokens with a soft cap of $5 million.

Faceter work extensively in the CCTV market and realize that most cameras set up are useless as they aren’t hooked up to sufficient data storage, and don’t have data processing implemented into their systems. The team have a solid history; they have a bit of experience developing credit card scanning apps, a successful venture for them. They already offer facial recognition systems on private networks. Faceter wants to take their success and their product from being a private use case and democratize their product for global use.

We like this ICO and they are going to be hard to knock out of the game. Other players always have the possibility to enter the game and challenge them with newer, better tech. Faceter has other businesses, however, and multiple streams of income so they’re not in danger of going bust overnight. They have a positive buzz surrounding their project and we think that they look positive for short-term as well as long-term flipping. Consistency is key for them here: if they are able to infiltrate a global market with their revolutionary software then they really will be tipped for success. Only time will tell, as always.

Adhive TV: AI-controlled influencer marketing

Adhive ICO’s team have a long history in marketing and advertising, and they intend to create and innovate. Their product is quite well thought out and is sure to impress; it’s a unique offering with the potential to become a successful one. Adhive argues that the massive amount of internet advertising that businesses must engage in is hard to track, and its difficult to see just how well your money is performing on sponsored posts and the like. They aim to solve the confusion and hassle around this process and simplify it for the customer.

Adhive have already had their presale: it was complete in just over an hour which can only mean good things. Their crowdsale starts on the 7th February and will only run for a month. They will sell the ADH token which equates to about $0.10. Just like the other two projects, they have gained a good amount of traction and have 10k followers on Telegram. They have received a lot of positive feedback from the community and have a 4.5-star rating on ICObench.

Some of the traction that they have built is down to the solid community they’ve built on Adhive.tv; a necessary step for them. If the crowdsale is to have the same success as the pre-sale, and they can get their product out there and establish a name for themselves, then this could potentially be a very successful ICO.

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