ICOS This Week: Data For The Professional World, Community Currencies, And An AI Blockchain Love Guru?


Dock.io: powering data for the professional world

Dock.io is concerned with solving a few of the problems associated with data in closed networks. Any given person has personal information that is scattered across a multitude of apps and located on different networks which don’t work in tandem with each other. This is an issue that Dock.io intends to remedy by providing a decentralized data exchange network that allows people to connect their profiles together and enjoy one seamless experience. The whitelist for Dock.io opens February 8th, and the crowdsale starts February 21st. There will be a total pool of 1 billion DOCK tokens and they have incorporated a hard cap of $20 million.

The product will run on the Ethereum network and, as previously stated, aims to unify all personal data for the professional world through the use of an app which will provide a decentralized data exchange. Dock.io seeks to shake up how centralized platforms mine and record data for their own agendas and use cases. Through the adoption of Dock.io, users will hopefully take back the hold of control that a few companies share. Competition is only ever a good thing for consumers and this could benefit those heavily invested in social media and social platforms for professional use.

The team running this ICO are solid, they already have an MVP up and running and there is traction already. The app is available and ready to use, so top marks there. Dock.io have a partnership up and running with Fund Request, and they have built a nice community of 37k followers on Telegram. Their long-term and short-term prospects look good to us and could be a decent option for a flip. One thing to note is that the team for Dock.io is also working on Remote.io, so let’s hope that they are balancing their workload well and don’t spread themselves too thin.

Viola.ai: Artificial Intelligence love coaching

If you’re a love-seeking blockchain enthusiast then Viola.ai could be the perfect ICO for you to invest in. Viola is an interesting project that uses a standard ‘love-finding app’ formula with an injection of blockchain technology. Their crowdsale was originally meant to start on Valentine’s day, quite apt I’m sure you’ll agree, but it will now fall on March 14th. They have a soft cap of $1 million and a hard cap of $12 million. They are based in Singapore and will be charging buyers 20 American cents for one of their VIOLA tokens.

The main pitch is a complete match-making product that utilizes the blockchain. Through the use of blockchain technology users are verified as real people. The product provides users with the help of an AI love assistant if their ‘game’ is not quite up to scratch. The whole website is built around the AI’s Recommendation Advisory Engine, and incorporates a real-id verification system, so you can be sure you’re not getting catfished! There is a Wallet built into the dating system; lord knows what that is for.

This ICO has captured our attention and it looks like it will capture users as well. It is well-presented and well-run. The concept is attractive, but the delivery of the product will be crucial. As for investment prospects, it looks excellent for a short-term flip once it hits the exchanges. The long-term is largely based on the complexity and success of their AI, if it matures to be an impressive product then they could be onto a winner. Something to note: they are planning for the AI to provide more complex advice than just dating tips; it may also be capable in the fields of breakup support, divorcee support, as well as texting strategies and date follow-ups. For better or for worse there are no mentions anywhere of it being capable of giving sexual advice.

Cln.Network: local currency to support local business

The last ICO up for analysis this week is The Colu Network, an Israel-based project that wants to launch numerous local currencies around the world, supported and underpinned by the CL token. The crowdsale for this ICO begins 14th February through 18th February. They have in place a soft cap of $30 million and a hard cap of $50 million. The CLN token will equate to around $0.10.

Colu has been active in this sector for quite a while, being involved with blockchain since 2012. What they’re offering up now is their Colu Local Network, a decentralized payment network powered by communities. They hope to provide an alternative to credit card companies, mitigating the large costs of maintaining bank accounts and the effort involved in their upkeep. If a community adopts this payment system, fees that were previously collected by credit card companies will now be instantly changed to ‘community currency’ and will be put in a reserve for the use of said community. This acts as a kind of piggy bank for those involved and incentivizes the widespread adoption of Colu.

We like what this ICO is about, it is a legit project and has legs for sure. However we have some concerns about where the profits will flow: will they go back to the company and the original investors or will token holders actually get a fair share? This remains to be seen for now. Colu already has income streams and a product in place, what they need to do now is get their product into more communities and see the Colu Network mature into the product that they envision it to be.

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