ICOs This Week: HYCON, AdSigma And Chainium ICO Review


Today on ICOs This Week, we take a look at HYCON, AdSigma and Chainium; 3 very exciting projects that for the Blockchain Industry.

HYCON: Hyperconnected Blockchain Solutions

HYCON is a South Korean project that plans to become the country’s second serious offering of blockchain as a service. The project is the child of Glosfer, which has been active for many years in the Asian blockchain industry. HYCON, which stands for Hyperconnected Coin, is a digital asset built on top of a faster and more scalable blockchain developed by the Infinity Project team. Using a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) structure, it has the capability to publish several blocks simultaneously with the ability to resolve conflicting transactions and reject double-spends through the SPECTRE consensus algorithm. HYCON will offer quick transaction confirmation times, on-chain scalability and latency tolerance.

The pre-sale stage is completed and the main sale will begin on March 30th and will last through May 11th 2018. The HYC token has a hard cap of $60 million. The team is extensive and large and seems to stack up.

The white paper is very heavy on the technology and explains their logic in making development choices. It is missing the exorbitant claims used by many of massively high transactional volumes, low cost, warp speeds and the introduction of flux capacitors which could translate into healthy indicators.

The HYC token will sit on the Infinity Blockchain and will be minable for the next 50 years, they are taking a similar path to many cryptos such as Monero by engineering their project to be anti-ASIC chip mining, allowing it to have a far wider mining community base. They are utilizing DAG technology which they believe will give them far shorter block processing time and bigger capacity. They list out many possible user cases but without diving into more elaborate illustrations and there is not much detail of possible partnerships in the shadows.

HYCON seems like a good prospect in the making which could have a solid development in the future if they can gather the initial traction to get some partnerships moving.

AdSigma: Blockchain Revolutions for Advertising

AdSigma is an Indian project that offers a Digital Display Advertising platform through blockchain technology to revolutionize the digital advertising space. Their key arguments are based on what is wrong with internet advertising and the solutions offered by Facebook, Google and other leading players. Given recent developments of those specific companies banning crypto-related ads, the justification for change presented by AdSigma is definitely compelling.

The pre-ICO stage will begin on April 5th and last through April 25th with a 25% bonus. 3,750 ADSi tokens will be the equivalent to 1 ETH.

AdSigma offers a blockchain solution that seems to be considered and well-structured allowing providers and clients to find each other and negotiate deals directly without having to pay the middleman. They have just released a basic demo version of an interface to allow people an early view.

The team is young and energetic with some well-known advisors. The white paper is well laid out and the logic is good. The token economics have been well structured with the team locked in for 14 months.

As long as it is well implemented and further developed, this particular project could be very healthy for a strong product in the future.

Chainium: Restarting the Equity Market

Chainium, a Swiss project, has launched a proposal, part of which states that the equity market is broken and it’s time to restart it. With a million dollar pre-sale in December and then an ICO which was delayed by a few months while they worked internally, Chainium is now ready to hit the main sale this month.

The CHX token sale will go live in March, with a hard cap of $8 million. There will be 200,000,000 tokens with only half for sale in March and with a price set up at 0.00017 ETH.

The Chainium message is a simple one: to open the equity investment market to a broad public base and to give new companies a secure platform and ecosystem for raising capital, all based on a native token and supporting blockchain application.

The team has experience in their own sector and the offering is proficiently put together, with good logic, good presentation, and attention to detail and legalities. In the period from December to now, they raised $5 million in private sales, leaving $2 million for the main crowdsale. They also released a basic MVP for investors and businesses on Android and Apple. So all in all, the risk factor on the project is well managed, solid, and a good long-term store. In conclusion, this project could deliver good strong results with a low-risk factor if followed through.

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