ICOs Interviews: Robotina


This interview features the exciting Robotina, a project that seeks to infuse the internet of things, artificial intelligence and blockchain to reduce electric energy consumption. In this interview we sit down with Devid Palčič, an expert in cognitive technology solutions and the CEO for Robotina. In 2011 his contribution to the economy has been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Slovenia, with the highest national business award. Devid contributed to several patents and products.

Robotina is a Slovenian company with over 28 years of experience in the industry, focused on innovation in automation and control technology. With an amazing background, Robotina has quite the experience in the sector. Robotina offers smart devices and services with the purpose of improving energy efficiency for both homes and businesses.The company offers a diverse set of services that range from smart devices for remote data control and management, IoT software and applications to a cloud-based computing platform for energy trading and services between producers, consumers (marketplace for community members), Artificial Intelligence software for consumption forecasts and advice on how to save energy and costs, blockchain technology (Ethereum-based community token, smart contracts to access the platform and its services and to process any transaction within the platform and community).

According to Robotina’s white paper, opportunity, technology, as well as legal and social conditions have aligned so that the Internet of Things, Blockchain Technology (enabling smart contracts) and Artificial intelligence could merge into the same platform bringing great benefits to users and investors. This platform will enable people to save electricity by using smart grids in order to save and earn money and reduce the pollution of the planet. “We won’t do more, we will just do it smarter!” is Robotina’s goal.

Robotina is developing a platform which combines all their technologies and will revolutionize the traditional power network. Through the network it’ll be possible to improve efficiency, enhance user engagement, increase service quality and save costs in power generation, distribution and consumption. Additionally, community members will be able to collaborate in order to save and earn money while consuming electrical energy (more information on Robotina ICO, whitepaper and Light paper).

On the tech side, the Robotina Platform will be a vertical, high-tech, all-inclusive, enabling solution, consisting of connected Internet of Things (IoT) elements (things, processes, data, people) and the Power Platform (PP). It will use Smart Rules, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technologies. It will be run in the cloud, available as a service. Robotina Platform and connected IoT will execute thousands of calculations per second. Each calculation will result in a small benefit and a small slice of revenue, which will accumulate every second. At the end of the day, this will become the driving force of the business.

The ROX token will be the fuel for Robotina’s IoT platform, used by members worldwide. It is an application-specific token, built on top of the existing Ethereum blockchain, that allows people to give the value of the cooperative network back to the community. The crowdsale will begin on March 21st, 2018 and last through April 30th. The token symbol is ROX. The soft cap is $10 million and the hard cap is $28.5 million. The total token supply is 815.000.000 ROX. The crowdsale distribution is 570.500.000 ROX with a minimum contribution of 0.5 ETH.

For more information please visit www.robotinaico.com


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