Emerging Coins This Week: Ark, A Platform For Consumer Adoption


Today on Emerging Coins This Week we discuss Ark, A Platform For Consumer Adoption.

Ark is a platform which provides users, developers and startups with innovative blockchain technologies. The ecosystem created by Ark’s team, aims to deliver services that consumers want and developers need. They offer a wallet built for all major Operating Systems with great security standards, offering 8 second block times which allow users to see transactions in real time.

Ark is battling for block confirmations which are experienced in daily transactions, with Bitcoin or Ethereum for example. Ark is currently listed in nearly all major exchanges, such as BitTrex, Binance and Upbit. The team is currently working on Ark Core v2, an overhaul in which they plan to rewrite  the core. This will allow faster, multiple transactions with dynamic reduced fees. Additionally they plan to use multicore CPUs,with better stability and higher scalability. They are also making preparations for smart contract deployments and many other new features. At the same time, they’re in the process of building new SmartBridge partnerships with other projects. The roadmap for Ark is always in development, adding percentages to show progress to all users.

Ark coin finished its ICO on December 11th 2016, and went live the next year. In April 2017, it was launched in the exchanges with an average price of $0.03c per coin, going up ever since. With a current market cap of over $380 million USD and a circulating supply of 102,320,508 ARK out of the 133,570,508 ARK available, they have shown incredible growth since first launching. Today 1 ARK is worth 124 times more than when it was launched in the exchanges. They have a great community that fully supports the project and lots of developments in the pipeline. Today, 1 ARK is worth $3.72. This is definitely a project to watch for in the future.

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