Shivom: Healthcare Ecosystem Creating A New Genomic Era


In the recent past the interpretation of the human essence was a total mystery, but in recent times we have made steps, getting to a point where we can almost understand our genomic constitution, and start to unleash the power of this understanding.

Through interdisciplinary studies we can collect information related to our family history, the diseases we are vulnerable to, potential pharmaceutical medications, opportunities for determining precise medical treatment, drug investigation and deployment, and even many other things that still remain unknown.

In order to achieve all these ambitions there are plenty of problems the field needs to resolve first. For instance, we can quote the genomic data isolation or even the characteristic inaccessibility that leads to failing to reach the full potential for improving healthcare as we know it.

What’s more, the control of crucial data is trusted to third parties, sold to for-profit organizations without the permission of the donors, and even worse, there’s a huge market share and millions of revenues for big companies that make money with the data of the donors.

This all points to a lot of work that needs to be done in order to solve these situations. But fortunately, all of the enlisted problems are the main target for an initiative whose major purpose is to give genomics a new approach.

Under the name of Shivom, the project envisions giving everybody the ability to get their genome sequenced and stored, with an ecosystem offering an open web-marketplace for other providers to add their apps and services, alongside genomic data analytics and personalized medicine.

The initiative seeks to provide a solution by creating shared value for individuals, and organizations, and build the largest genomic data-hub on the planet ultimately.

The Shivom ecosystem

Shivom ecosystem will function in a decentralized way by using blockchain technologies, integrating the best protocols for advanced encryption and the combination of this with Artificial Intelligence.

The ecosystem will work with precision, providing space for other healthcare and wellness providers to add their apps and services in order to drive personalized medicine, establishing a highly scalable and fully integrated vertical healthcare.

The ecosystem will provide many solutions that so far are missing in the field, for instance supplying donors with a secure decentralized blockchain where their information is managed the way they want it, and with the transparency needed.

Similarly, they can have a proper incentivization when donating data to a research study, and obtaining several genome tests at subsidized rates, which consequently will lead to increased adoption.

Shivom partnerships

In order to make of this initiative the solution the field has been seeking, Shivom has partnered with the most renowned organizations creating significant alliances to boost services to a whole new level.

The first audacious move Shivom made was to create a consolidated alliance with GTG labs, a partnership that will allow better cancer prediction and prevention.

The “Unique ID” global database platform which is driven by blockchain, announced on March 6th the important partnership with leading molecular diagnostics company Genetic Technologies, a relationship agreement with which both organizations will seek to accelerate cancer prediction for millions of people all over the world.

An exciting project announced just a couple of days ago, the integration of an innovation council formed by seven experts. In the official report they established:

“We are excited to announce the formation of our Innovation Council of Experts. This council will be tasked with creating the most effective, well-researched, and intelligent solutions that will help Shivom move healthcare forward.”

The group of experts was formed by:

  • Jay Sanders, founder of Telemedicine and CEO of The Global Telemedicine Group.
  • Amalio Telenti, Chief Data Scientist at Scripps Translational Science Institute.
  • Irshaad Ebrahim, Director of the London Sleep Centre and Blockchain in Healthcare Expert.
  • Geoff Hancock, Founder of Cybersecurity Group.
  • David Orban, founder and Managing Partner of Network Society Ventures.
  • William Yasnoff, Managing Partner of the National Health Information Infrastructure (NHII) Advisors.
  • Antanas Guoga, Lithuanian representative at the European Parliament.

For more information and a detailed review of the innovation council visit

OMIX token

As a blockchain-based project, Shivom will release a brand-new token called Omix, an encrypted coin that will add value to the project by interacting in the cryptocurrency market.

The OmiX token will serve as a key component of the system that the project develops. With the use of the cryptocoin, buying, trading, incentivizing and other upcoming services will be available for users and donors.

At the same time, the token will have a crucial participation in the creation of the ecosystem, as it will be the fuel of an internal mechanism, as well as part of the governance component of the system.

Shivom Initial Coin Offering

Shivom will release an Initial Coin Offering for fundraising money to develop the features the project intends to acquire. The public pre-sale for this ICO will be starting on April 16th and is planned to be continued for at least six days, ending on April 22nd.

According to the co-founder & CEO of the project, Dr. Axel Schumacher, the funds raised during the ICO will be used for the development of the blockchain based platform, which includes building the database, UI, APIs, and curating the metadata.

A large part of the budget will be used to make the platform secure and scalable, and combine with new features along with the creation of an open marketplace.

Funds will also be going towards building numerous and extensive partnerships and marketing. This will require ongoing community-building events and reach the general public via traditional marketing channels and persona-based approaches.

Finally, this will include educational materials, roadshows, co-operations with other genomics-initiatives, events and conferences, and KOL management.

If everything goes as expected, Shivom plans to launch a proof-of-concept product, which will allow users to upload data if they’ve been sequenced by other service providers, set up permissions using the platform, and use the integrated wallet.

The Shivom team will be looking for users to provide feedback so that they can improve the platform, adding more features including analytics and apps. They will start to develop their sequencing kits and set up pilot sequencing studies, including that at a large cancer center in India. This will be the start of their partnership with the Indian Government in Andhra Pradesh to sequencing up to 60 million people in the province.

Shivom is being highly rated already and has managed to make several partnerships as it seeks more funding to create the best product for users. Consequently, it would be safe to say that the initiative, by bringing the genomics onto blockchain, is changing the industry for good. Thanks to Shivon, now, we all will be able to get our genome sequenced as well as stored safely while having complete access to our data.

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