Counos Is Giving Away 16Mil Coins Plus A Chance To Enter A 100K USD Lottery

Counos Is Giving Away 16mil Coins Plus A Chance To Enter A 100k Usd Lottery
Counos Is Giving Away 16mil Coins Plus A Chance To Enter A 100k Usd Lottery

Counos Coin CCA – The Real Decentralized Coin – Is Giving Away 16Mil Coins Plus A Chance To Enter A 100K USD Lottery

With the cryptocurrency market going back to green, interested parties are going back to the crypto business looking for the perfect tools to enter the field. With many platforms offering similar services, it’s difficult for the crypto enthusiast to choose a platform that could cater all of their needs.

Counos is an online peer-to-peer platform that offers a wide variety of financial services to meet the most sophisticated online financial demands. With headquarters in Switzerland, this platform supplies some of the most innovative cryptocurrencies across the world. Alongside high technical and security standards of the supplied cryptocurrencies, the platform offers a significant added value to the users by maintaining a price stability policy, providing a competitive alternative to fiat currencies. With Counos Platform, users can invest safely in the digital market. This open-source and decentralized global network suggests various financial and payment services through Blockchain technology in an all-in-one platform. Via combining both proof-of-work and Timestamp server technologies, it can offer users the ultimate security in online payment.

Counos Main Features

Counos Platform platform offers a proof-of-work algorithm that creates a computational challenge to be solved by a network of computers in order to certify a block of transactions. The second important feature is the transaction confirmation time, calculated at about 2.5min on average. In comparison, Bitcoin (BTC) has a transaction confirmation time estimated at about 10 mins per transaction, which could increase if the network is experiencing high demand.

Another important feature worth mentioning is the reasonable security measures that are taken in Counos platform, which provide users faster access to their finances, especially in time-sensitive situations. Mathematics help secure the network and empowers users to control their finances more effectively. One key aspect of Counos is the fact that it provides different algorithm designs and policies for specific purposes.

The transaction size of Counos is rapidly growing, which any user could check here. Additionally, Counos also offers an Escrow Service for a secure multi-signature wallet, enhancing the way we trade cryptos; and also offers a Payment gateway.

Counos Coins

The coins offered by Counos were developed based on the Litecoin source code and operate within a completely independent network. With over 16.8 million coins already mined and with an average of 4.2 Million remaining to be mined, the coins are completely decentralized. As for distribution, 15 Million coins will be handed directly to users, 1 per wallet, growing the number of active wallets exponentially. Out of the 16.8mm of Counos Coins available, 1 million will be distributed among influencers, marketing, and exchanges, and the remaining 800000 CCA Coins will be kept by the founder. This mechanism will prevent one single user to remain in control of the majority of Counos Coins available in the market, while also securing the growth in the price of the cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the value of CCA will also increase as more people buy it. Eventually, the value of CCA will be determined by the market in which it trades, meaning that its value will be linked to the supply and demand, just like any other commodity. After the distribution of 15mm CCA, people will begin building up a new market, therefore bringing more value to CCA.

Nowadays, Bitcoins have value because they are used as a form of money, measured by its growing base of users, merchants and startups that currently apply its technology into daily operations. Like any other currency, Bitcoin value is basically linked to its offer and demand, and the willingness of people to use it as a payment method. After distribution, CCA is expected to have a similar impact, with a guaranteed user base of 15mm users; which will bring demand and offer to the market for CCA.

Counos coins can be found in their decentralized exchange (beta) and their Counos exchange (beta) as well in other exchanges   and .

Counos Airdrop

Counos is announcing an airdrop worth 1 CCA coin (approx. $1.30). By sharing the referring link, each participant will earn an additional 0.1 in CCA coins. By entering this airdrop, users will participate in a lottery for a chance to win $10,000 every 6 months or $100,000 every 3 years. To join this airdrop, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the Counos Airdrop form and download the Counos Wallet App
  2. Open the app and create a new account
  3. Go to your portfolio and select Counos Coins
  4. Click receive and copy the wallet address
  5. Submit your wallet address and other details to the airdrop form, verifying your email in the process
  6. Receive 1 CCA coin and automatically enter the chance to win $100,000
  7. Invite friends with your link and win 0.1 CCA per referral.

If you wish to know more about Counos, make sure to visit their website.