Specialized Conference ICO Event Amsterdam: All About Investing In Cryptocurrency, November 29th


ICO Event Amsterdam will be held in the capital of the Netherlands on November 29. This is a conference entirely dedicated to the cryptocurrency crowdsales: ICO. The venue is the country’s largest state-of-the-art Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam.

For the Dutch blockchain community, this is the first event from the Smile Expo. In 2017, the company launched a new series of conferences and held ICO Events in Moscow and London as well. The organizers were inspired by the demand for ICO topics around the world and the interest of business, investors and the state. Today it is the most discussed way to attract investments and increase capital: politicians and experts are arguing about ICO, but it works and today it is replacing venture capital step by step.

ICO Event attendees will enjoy practical advice on organization of crowdsales, success stories from well-known projects and recommendations on a profitable investment of cryptocurrency. Several blockchain companies will present their applications and platforms within the software exhibition. The speakers of the conference are renowned people of the European blockchain community, as well as politicians and investors.

Tickets can be purchased online on the website of the event until November 28 inclusive or at the reception desk on the day of the ICO Event Amsterdam. We advise you to follow the news of the conference and carefully study its program in advance to highlight important reports and effectively organize your day: Smile-Expo publishes detailed announcements of each speaker’s report and detailed program of the event.

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