Singapore Aims To Become The Next Blockchain Hub For Startups


Singapore is slowly but surely becoming the next blockchain hub for startups. The government of Singapore is one of the friendliest towards blockchain development, betting on the constant improvement of the tech and continuously putting its efforts towards ensuring breakthroughs are achieved in the country. Like many other Asian countries, Singapore is actively seeking to motivate blockchain startups to set their business in the country, promoting financing mechanisms so that big investors can play a decisive hand for the successful development of technology companies in the region.

As such, BMW Group Asia, Intel Corporation and Nielsen have formed a strategic alliance to promote blockchain related projects through Tribe Ventures, a ventures company developed by them. The venture has massive support from the government of Singapore, with the participation of Enterprise Singapore and PWC Singapore. The initiative aims to become an incubator and accelerator of blockchain projects in the country.

Furthermore, the Venture plans on presenting such projects in other Asian countries, holding various sessions and presentations. Each company will provide information on how blockchain can be implemented as a market solution. For example, BMW Group will provide participants with masterclasses and mentoring sessions on this subject.

Intel also plans on helping participants in the demonstrations, sharing methods of technical optimization in the implementation of new technologies such as blockchain.

As for Nielsen, they plan on creating a Sandbox, which aims to provide information for participants, allowing them to test new technologies in a safe and controlled environment.

According to Raya Chew, Managing Partner of Tribe Accelerator, the incredible support given by its strategic partners and the government of Singapore has been essential to develop and establish the Accelerator, which will certainly bring new benefits of blockchain tech and mainstream adoption.

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